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Didi and Meimei Talk about… Weaning

Hello everyone! It’s us, Didi and Meimei! Mummy thought we did such a great job reviewing our favourite Pigeon products that she made asked us to talk about our weaning experience so far.

We’re seven months old now!

A while ago, Mummy noticed that we liked sucking our thumbs/fingers/hands a lot, and decided it was time to let us try out the Step 1 Pigeon teethers.

Pigeon Teethers

Meimei: Mmmmmm… I really like it! It’s easy to hold, and these little dots on the yellow parts are so fun to chew on. Didi: Where’s mine? Where’s mine?

Meimei: Oooh there are different dots on different sides! I think I like this “petal” best. Didi: Lemme try this one.

Meimei: Mummy uses these Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy straps to attach the teethers to our clothes, since we still drop them sometimes. So unglam-looking, but she said we don’t have a choice. I think I can hold it on my own pretty well, don’t you agree?

We’ve been such pros at chewing on our teethers that Mummy decided we could try eating solids. Finally! We’ve been watching them eat, and their food always looks so good. Mummy read this Super Nutrition for Babies book and decided to follow the book’s recommendation to give us egg yolk as our very first meal. We used the Pigeon Feeding Support Sets and Silicone Baby Bibs for this milestone.

Feeding Support Set and Silicone Baby Bib

Half an egg yolk for each of us

Meimei: What’s this? Are you sure it’s edible?

Meimei: I want to hold the spoon on my own. I can’t decide if I like this. What is it again? Egg yolk?

Didi: My turn! My turn! I want to hold the spoon on my own too!

Didi: Hmmm… I think the bib tastes better.

Didi: Mummy said my chin is very red, which means I can’t have egg yolk for the time being.

Mummy wanted to try Baby Led Weaning, and gave us the Pigeon Silicone Table Mat. KorKor got one too, and we all ate bananas from our mats. We made such a huge mess, but luckily, Mummy had the Pigeon Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes to clean our chairs, and the Pigeon Hand and Mouth Wet Wipes for well, our hands and mouths.

Everything you need for Baby Led Weaning

Ready to eat!

Meimei: Why is it so difficult to pick the banana up? Didi: Don’t talk to me, I’m busy trying to pick the banana up too.

We also tried Baby Led Weaning with avocado, but it was really difficult to hold the slippery avocado properly. Mummy tried leaving the skin on, but the avocado was too ripe, and slid off the skin.

Meimei: Can you spot the avocado on my mat?

Meimei: I want you to hold it for me. I don’t want to get my hands dirty.

Meimei: Yummy!

Didi: Mummy says I can go shirtless, as long as I wear my Pigeon silicone bib.

Didi: Squishing the avocado is quite fun!

Didi: Oops! I accidentally ate a bit of the avocado.

Next up, pumpkin! Mummy steamed it in the electric lunch box (from Qoo10) and mashed some up for us.

Electric lunch box

Steamed pumpkin

Didi got a much smaller portion because he has been refusing to eat

Didi: I prefer playing with my food. Meimei: I LOVE EATING!

Didi discovered that he loved eating pumpkin, and cried when his portion was finished. The next night, Daddy and KorKor had a feeding competition. We took turns to cry whenever they were too slow in feeding us. Fun times!

Carrots were next on the menu, and Mummy used the Pigeon Feeding Dish to mash the carrots up for us. She said it was really convenient, as there are mashing dots in the dish, plus the spoon has grooves on the bottom to help with the mashing. We also tried the Pigeon Disposable Baby Bibs, because Mummy was too lazy to wash the bibs. Shhh… Don’t tell her we said she was lazy!

Feeding dish

Ready for our carrots

Mashing carrots is easy!

Close-up of the mashing dots and grooves on the spoon

Didi: Hmmm… this is also orange like pumpkin, but it tastes different.

Meimei: It’s different? Are you sure? Doesn’t matter, because it’s yummy! Everything is yummy!

Avocado and banana

Didi: Oooh this looks interesting. I heard Mummy tell Daddy that we’re having avocado with banana today. I can’t remember. Do I like avocado? Meimei: I’m going to slowly inch my hand towards the bowl and grab the spoon if she doesn’t feed us soon.

Meimei: Was that it? Did she say… no more food? Didi: Can’t be! Hold my hand and say it isn’t so.

Meimei: Mummy says that we have to drink water now that we have started eating, so she used the pink spoon to feed us water from the bowl. I love drinking water, but Didi keeps crying and spitting out his water. Tsk.

Pumpkin with water on the side

Drinking water

Didi: Hey, are you talking about me? I’m not crying, look at me! Don’t I look happy?

Meimei: We got MagMag Training Cups! Now I can drink water as fast as I like. Mummy said KorKor used it last time too. Didi: Is there milk inside? I like milk.

MagMag Spout Cup

Meimei: I love drinking water from my MagMag cup!


Mummy: As a second-time mum, I’m a bit more relaxed about the twins starting on solids. I initially wanted to do baby-led weaning, as I was afraid that they would be like N, and refuse to eat (read about my struggle to get him to eat HERE) but so far, Meimei has been eating very well, while Didi is a bit more difficult to feed. I’m still considering letting them try baby-led weaning, especially if Didi turns out to be a picky eater, but for now, what you see in this post is what meal-times for the twins usually look like. They both cry or shout for more food if I take too long to load the spoon, which means I can’t feed both by myself at the same time.

At seven months old, they’ve tried egg yolk (only once), avocado, banana, pumpkin, and carrot. I’m not keen on giving them cereal or any other processed food yet, so they’ll probably be getting more vegetables and fruits, then perhaps some fish and meat later.

I like the spoons that we’ve been using, because of the soft tips, since the babies sometimes lunge towards the spoon to eat. I’ve noticed that the spoons are slightly orange now, probably due to all the carrots and pumpkins I’ve been giving the babies. The bowls have green and pink bases, which makes it easy for me to differentiate between Didi’s and Meimei’s. The spoon for liquids is deeper and quite handy for feeding them water.

With N, I used a steamer-blender, but for now, the electric lunch box and Pigeon feeding set work well enough for me. I’m contemplating getting the Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker, as it looks pretty handy, and it’s definitely less bulky than a blender.

The MagMag cups are easy to use, and Meimei had no trouble from the very first time I gave it to her. Didi is able to get the water out easily too, although swallowing the water is a whole other issue. Our helper feeds him water with the pink spoon, and even though he protests, a bit of water does get in I think.

Thank you, Pigeon Singapore, for so generously sponsoring the twins over the past six months!

Disclaimer: The twins were given the Pigeon products seen in this post for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All photos and opinions are, as always, our own.

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