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A Day in the Life of… Didi

Some time last week, I decided to do a DIAL (Day in a Life) from Didi’s perspective on my Dayre, and thought I’d do a slightly more detailed version on this blog, so that he can read about what a pain he was just for fun.

0030: I miss mummy. And I’m thirsty. Time to wake her up!

0050: She’s trying to make me stop drinking milk but I shall insist on suckling till I fall asleep properly on her bed. I love sleeping on the big bed.

0100: Oh Meimei is asking for milk too. I shall kick mummy’s back while she’s feeding Meimei. Just in case she forgets about me, you know?

0120: Yes! Meimei is done and being carried back to her cot. I can be the only baby on the bed now. Wait. Where is she bringing me? To my cot? Fine, I’ll try to be brave and sleep there for a while.

0207: I miss mummy. And her bed. I’m going to insist on staying there this time round. I shall drink my milk so slowly that she falls asleep, then she won’t send me back to my cot.

0410: Meimei is having her milk again, but at least I’m still on the bed. I hope mummy doesn’t try to move me again, coz I’ll wake up and refuse to go back to sleep. I’ve done that a couple of times before, and she had to bring me to the playroom to play, because I was making too much noise. It’s quite fun rolling around in the play yard at 430am, you know? It’s pretty dark, but sometimes, we hang out in the play yard till the sun rises. Good times. Mummy yawns a lot and keeps saying that she’s really tired, but hey, isn’t quality time with me important?

0650: I’ve made mummy give me milk thrice since the last time. She gets really nervous when I whine and kick my legs. Heehee. I’ve got her well-trained already, and she gives me milk whenever I whine. I also managed to sleep on the big bed, right next to her. She tries to sleep with her back facing me, but I just have to whine and kick her a little, and she’ll turn right back to me, and give me milk even. Not bad, right?

0709: What nonsense is this? Meimei is yelling for mummy? Okay la, since I’ve had milk for almost 20 minutes, I’ll let mummy unlatch me, so that she can get Meimei. I’ll even sleep here on her bed, and let her nurse Meimei instead. Don’t say I don’t share okay.

See, this is how I sleep. Mummy usually sleeps where the vertical pillow is. She complains that she has no space, but I don’t know what she’s talking about. That pillow is huge! I think it’s bigger than me, right? Plus she can dangle her arms and legs over the side, if she wants more space. Space is overrated anyway. I prefer to snuggle up to her, and sleep pressed up against her back (I don’t know why she refuses to sleep facing me).

0750: Good morning! I heard Mummy say she was going to bring Meimei to school with KorKor, since she woke up first, and I quickly woke up so that I could tag along, but she said I was too late. I don’t know what she wants, really. I was the good baby, sleeping nicely on the bed, while Meimei woke up after drinking milk, but SHE gets to go out? 😤

I’ll wake up earlier next time if that’s what Mummy wants. I’m so confused. Everyone keeps asking me to sleep more, but what are the benefits? I really can’t tell. Daddy calls me FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), but what’s wrong with not wanting to miss a thing?

Oh well, I’ll just have my breakfast of puffs while she’s out. Meimei apparently already had her share of puffs while I was still asleep. I hope there’ll still be enough puffs left for me, since she eats so much more than me.

1015: Crying for mummy is really tiring. I don’t understand why she can’t carry me around everywhere she goes. I conned her into giving me some milk for a while, but I got distracted by our helper vacuuming the floor, so mummy said I didn’t really want to drink. Meimei started crying for milk, so mummy went to nurse her in the playroom, while I was rocked to sleep in the living room.

See? Just because she fell asleep first, she got to nap in the room with the aromatherapy diffuser. Okay la, since you’re younger than me, I’ll let you have the room, but just for a while, okay? I want to play in the play yard later, but only if mummy is in there too, of course. I’ll make sure of that, don’t worry. Muahahaha.

1100: Hey! Why am I seated here? Didn’t I say I wanted to play after my nap? What do you mean I can’t, because Meimei is still napping?

Okay, whatever. I’ll be a good KorKor and let her sleep. Where’s my food? It’s taking too long to be served. Maybe I should go get it by myself, but first, I need to climb out of this chair.

I don’t think this is what I ordered. Waiter!

This is how I refuse to eat. First, I make mummy give me my cup cover, so that I can knock it on the table to make a lot of noise. For variation, I also drop it on the floor a lot, just so she can get more exercise. I’m such a good son, I know.

1200: Play yard time, but mummy’s thigh looks very yummy, so I’m gonna gnaw on it and blow raspberries until she stops me. Meimei doesn’t know what she’s missing out on, man.

I love pulling the curtains. Mummy doesn’t like me to do it, so I play this game with her called, “Catch Me if You Can”. I’ll crawl as fast as I can towards the curtains, then start pulling them until she sees me doing it, and tells me to stop. I usually pretend that Meimei was the one who pulled the curtains into the play yard, but Mummy doesn’t seem to believe me. Meimei likes pulling the curtains too, but she isn’t as determined as me, and goes off to play with other things when Mummy tells her to. Pfffft.

Yes, mummy? No, I wasn’t pulling the curtains! I’m just erm, hanging out here. Yup, just chilling here, next to the curtains, I mean, pillow. I had nothing to do with that bit of curtain under my hand. It just happened to be there.

1300: Mummy cut my nails just now, and I was really good. I only tried snatching away the scissors twice. Okay maybe thrice. That’s okay, right, considering how I have ten fingers and ten toes? Three out of a possible twenty times is soooo little!

We’re reading Pajama Time now, but I don’t know why. I want to eat the book, but mummy wouldn’t let me, so I cried loudly, hoping she would just give me the book. Didn’t work though. She just stopped reading to me and said I had to take a nap. She’s giving me milk now, but I haven’t decided if I’ll take a nap yet. Hmmmm… should I?

Mummy cheated. She put some Lavender EO into the diffuser to make me sleepy. I’m not sure if it works, but maybe I’ll just close my eyes for a while.

HELLO! It’s me again! I took a five minute nap. It was Mummy’s fault, really. She shouldn’t have left me alone in the room. She knows I hate being alone, so I don’t know why she left. She muttered something about going to the toilet, but why didn’t she just pee in her diaper? Anyway, I’m awake, so she has to entertain me again.

1530: KorKor is back from school, and he made French toast in school today! He says it’s for the boys only, so he and Daddy are having half a slice each. Excuse me, I’m a boy too, you know. Where’s my share?

I think they’re trying to make me jealous.

Joke’s on you, KorKor, coz you look unglam eating your French toast! It’s okay, I wasn’t hungry anyway. I’ve been snacking on milk before you came home.

1700: Mummy tried to do flash cards with us, but I just wanted to crawl around and snatch the flash cards from her. Gotta show her who’s boss!

2000: Ready for bed!

Was busy having my dinner and bath just now. Dinner was pumpkin and tofu, with a small wedge of potato. I ate it a bit faster than I ate my lunch, since I like pumpkin, but I made sure I cried and whined as I ate, just so mummy doesn’t get complacent.

Bath-time today was boring because mummy didn’t put a lot of water into my bathtub. I usually like splashing in the tub a lot so that she will get super wet, but I smile at her when I do that, so that she doesn’t know I’m doing it on purpose. Shhh… don’t tell her, okay?

2030: I’m sleeping on mummy’s thigh now because I fell asleep while she was tandem-nursing us. Haven’t decided if this is just a nap yet. Should I wake up when she moves me to my cot?

2056: I am awake again! Actually I woke up earlier, and cried loudly, so mummy had to pick me up from the cot. Who was she trying to kid? She’s not ninja material at all, I don’t know why she bothered trying to move me to my cot just now.

We went outside to help KorKor with his Chinese reading, since Daddy’s Mandarin is worse than KorKor’s, but now we’re back in the room again. Gonna have some more milk, yay for milk buffets! Meimei is outside hanging out with Daddy and KorKor, because she doesn’t want milk and can’t sleep.

2215: I’m sleeping in my cot now, but I’ll wake up in a couple of hours so that Mummy can spend more quality time with me. She keeps saying that I have “middle child syndrome” even though I’m the middle child by just four minutes. What does that even mean? Oh well, I’m too tired to think about it now. Good night!

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