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8 Crabs Review: The Kids Try Crabs For the First Time!

I’ve been seeing a lot of people sharing about their meals from 8 Crabs, so I succumbed to temptation and placed my order as well. The website states that you can order an hour before the required delivery time, but I was kiasu and placed my order a few days in advance, so that I could invite my parents over for dinner too.

From the various reviews that I’ve seen, the chilli crab seems to be the most popular, but since my kids and I don’t take spicy food, I opted for the salted egg crab instead. I even wrote in the notes at checkout to request for the dish to be cooked without chilli, and was really pleased to see that there was no chilli at all when the food was delivered. Thumbs up for the attention to detail!

Here’s what I ordered for our family of 5 adults and 3 kids: Salted Egg Crab (Large) Sweet and Sour Pork (Large) Prawn Omelette (Medium) Claypot Beancurd (Medium) Gravy Hor Fun (Medium)

I got our helper to cook some plain rice, and contemplated asking her to cook an extra vegetable dish, but it’s a good thing I didn’t, because we even had leftovers from our meal! The portions for all the dishes were pretty decent, though the crab was slightly smaller than I expected. On hindsight, I should have gone with the Extra Large crab, since it was such a hit with everyone (except Didi, but I’ll get to that in a bit).

The salted egg crab was really fresh and cooked well. The gravy was so good, N kept scooping more of it for his rice, and at one point, he was just eating plain rice with the sauce! Our helper also really liked the sauce and kept the leftover sauce for her lunch the next day.

The twins have actually never eaten crabs before, so they kept asking me if the crab was alive. Hahaha. N tried crabs when he was much younger, and had absolutely no recollection of having done so, so he was quite excited to try this dish.

Didi was scared of the crab, as you can tell. He didn’t even dare to try it, and only ate a tiny mouthful of it after much cajoling. Oh well, more for the rest of us then!

Meimei was quite scared too, but kept trying to touch the crab’s shell. This was after she plucked up the courage to touch it, and couldn’t quite decide if it was alive.

Don’t be fooled by her expression here! She was scared, but the temptation was too great, and she nibbled at this piece that I offered her.

This was her pleased expression after finishing the earlier piece, and was so happy that I offered her more! I’m glad that Meimei’s first taste of crab was from 8 Crabs, as the crab was fresh and the meat was tender. The salted egg gravy was delicious without overpowering the natural sweetness of the crab, and was the perfect combination for the kids.

N couldn’t wait to try the crab, and kept commenting, “Oh wow, this crab is really good!” He’s a really fussy eater, so the dish must have tasted really yummy for him to ask for more. I guess it also makes a difference that the crabs are air flown in to Singapore daily, and are kept alive until the chefs prepare them for the orders.

The two crab lovers! Meimei was still quite fascinated by the shell and kept wanting to touch it.

I ordered the large portion of Sweet and Sour Pork as my kids love this dish. Although it wasn’t very crispy by the time we ate it, everyone agreed that it was flavourful.

The prawn omelette was also a hit with everyone, and I thought that there was quite a generous amount of prawns in the omelette.

I chose the claypot beancurd as it has some vegetables in it, and was pleasantly surprised that there was a good amount of vegetables in the Gravy Hor Fun too. The twins love vegetables and mushrooms, while N only eats sweet peas, cauliflower and carrots, so these two dishes had a good mix of vegetables for them.

Overall, we all agreed that this was a really good meal and we had absolutely no regrets overeating, I mean, enjoying the delicious food. One thing that really stood out was that the food wasn’t oily at all, which is quite rare for these kinds of tze char dishes, especially when they’re delivered instead of eaten at the restaurants.

I’ve always avoided ordering crab dishes as I think it’s too much “work” and way too messy to be eaten at restaurants, but now that we know how good the crabs are from 8 Crabs, we’ll definitely get the extra large crab for our next order.

Thank you, 8 Crabs, for a fabulous meal!

PS. Click HERE for the 8 Crabs menu, and HERE for the delivery details.

*Disclaimer: We were given a voucher by 8 Crabs which covered most of our meal, and I paid for the difference. All opinions and photos are, as always, our own.

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