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World Tennis Challenge and Australian Open 2014

C is a huge tennis fan and has been wanting to watch a tennis match live, so since we’re in Australia, we (okay, he) started doing research on the various tennis tournaments, to see if we could catch any of them. We discussed going for the Brisbane International Tennis tournament, then for ‘A Night with Roger Federer & Friends’, then told ourselves that we would save our money by simply catching the World Tennis Challenge (WTC) in Adelaide instead. 

It was the whole family’s first live tennis experience, and we had fun watching the ‘oldies’ like Pat Cash and Mats Wilander clown around on the courts. Kokkinakis and Chardy were among the current ATP stars, and those games were really worth catching. Unfortunately, we had to leave before the matches for the day were done, because Noah refused to eat his dinner there, and started getting cranky.

Pat Cash at the WTC 

Adelaide World Tennis Challenge (3 of 10)

Henri Leconte  

Adelaide World Tennis Challenge (9 of 10)

Noah, with Kokkinakis playing in the background 


Too busy watching the game to pose for a photo

Adelaide World Tennis Challenge (10 of 10)

Hugging the huge tennis ball we bought 


As C was traveling to the US during the period of the Australian Open, we initially thought that we would have to give the tournament a miss. However, we made a last-minute decision to fly to Melbourne for just two days, to catch the first day of the third round. The weather was a scorching 46 degrees that Friday, and I really thought that my feet would burst into flames while we walked from the Rod Laver Arena to Federation Square. BUT, we did get to watch the practice sessions of Federer, Nadal, and the eventual Men’s Champion, Wawrinka, and we also caught Serena Williams, David Ferrer and Jeremy Chardy in action. Noah spent his time running around, and mimicking the grunts of the tennis players, much to the amusement of the spectators around us.

Hello, Federer! 

Australian Open (9 of 19)

The huge crowd watching Federer’s practice session 

Australian Open (7 of 19)


Australian Open (12 of 19)

A picture of intense concentration

Australian Open (13 of 19)

In the Rod Laver Arena 

Australian Open (15 of 19)

Australian Open (19 of 19)

Taking a nap 


Let’s go there! 


Noah mimicking the tennis players 

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