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With all my love… #2

My dearest baby boy,

You’re a week old today! We’ve been home for five days now and slowly trying to get into some sort of routine. Daddy has taken you on a tour around the house already, and I hope you’re enjoying your new bed and room.

Here’s a photo of you at seven days old, swaddled tightly and sleeping soundly.


You’re taking your nap at the moment and I must say I’m thankful that you generally nap quite well, waking up only for your feeds. Your grandparents love watching you sleep and find your every move fascinating! Me? I love it when I’m feeding you and you fall into this milk-induced sleepy state that causes you to give me a wide smile at times. I’ve tried capturing these moments but I haven’t been fast enough to do so yet. It’s as though you know that I’m pointing the camera at you and you would immediately stop smiling! Yes, I know that you’re not actually smiling AT me, but one day, you will, and I can’t wait for that to happen. 🙂

You’ve still got jaundice at the moment and we have to bring you for another check-up tomorrow afternoon. The confinement lady has been bringing you downstairs in the mornings for quick sunning sessions, so hopefully that will help. Daddy and mummy have been praying for you to recover too and we trust that God will heal you completely.

Oh and your dried up umbilical cord fell off after your morning bath yesterday! I wasn’t there when it happened, but daddy was. I took a photo of it next to you and it’s a good thing that I did, because daddy threw it away after that! So here it is, your tiny dried up umbilical cord, next to you. You look suitably disgusted by it!

Continue being a good boy okay, baby? Drink your milk (daddy keeps a very close watch on how much you drink, so no falling asleep halfway through your feeds, please!) and know that you are very precious to us.

With all my love, Mama

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