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With All My Love… #16

My dearest Noah,

You turned six today, and I think we had a, in your words, “super awesome day” together. We did all your favourite things today, and as I told Daddy just now, I felt like crying at some points today while we were together, because I just couldn’t quite believe that you’re six already. I mean, you are the baby we almost didn’t have, and it’s truly by God’s grace that you came into our lives six years ago.

It’s been such a privilege to be your mummy, and even though I’ve been scolding you quite a bit recently, please know that I discipline you because I love you. It would be easier if I just gave in to you, and let you do whatever you want, but that’s not what’s best for you. It may not make sense to you at the moment, but I hope that when you’re older, you’ll appreciate everything that Daddy and Mummy have been doing and saying.

We know that the past two years haven’t exactly been easy for you. You became a KorKor, relocated to Jakarta, entered K1 in the middle of the school year, and most recently, graduated from kindergarten. You struggled with the changes initially, but once things settled down, you were back to your usual happy self, making new friends, and playing like crazy. When I saw you on stage during your graduation concert two months ago, I got so emotional that I started tearing. I guess I couldn’t quite believe that my baby had grown up. I’ll save the details of your concert for a separate blogpost, but for now, know that Daddy and Mummy are so very proud of you.

Because the school year here begins in August, you will be starting Grade One in two weeks. Grade One! I’m not ready for you to be in primary school! I still remember how you cried for 1.5 months when you started N1, and I considered letting you stay home instead, but now, I think you’d rather go to school, since you’ll get to play a lot there. Your new school is going to be really different from the schools in Singapore, as Daddy and Mummy think that this is the perfect opportunity for you to experience a different education system. The tradeoff is that Mummy has to do work with you at home, which isn’t very fun for both of us at the moment, but I really pray and hope that you’ll get used to this routine soon. Please cooperate and work hard with Mummy, okay?

My dearest, darling little boy, it is our prayer that you continue to grow healthily, and be a blessing to those around you. Know that you are very precious to us, and that we love you very, very much.

Happy 6th birthday, my baby boy. You’ll always be my baby.

With all my love, Mummy

PS. Here’s a pictorial recap of our “super awesome day” together! I forgot to take photos of us having dinner at your favourite Japanese restaurant, but it was a great meal as usual.

Good morning, birthday boy!

Waiting for breakfast at the cafe

Special birthday breakfast

Reading in bed

Indoor playground time!

Starting on your birthday Lego set

Enjoying your first ever Chatime (Yogurt lemon juice with rainbow jelly)

Arcade fun

Birthday cake to round off the day

With happy Didi and grumpy Meimei

Cutting your cake

Being watched carefully by Didi and Meimei

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