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What’s that Song?

C and I have always been pretty bad at getting lyrics right. I always blame the singers’ poor enunciation, but C insists that I’m a bit deaf. He doesn’t care if he gets the lyrics wrong though, and happily sings whatever he thinks is right, which drives me crazy. I mean, how can you get the lyrics to ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ wrong? But I digress.

Some time ago, we happened to be talking about songs, and I told him there was a song that I used to hear on the radio when we were still studying, that I thought was in some weird language, even though some parts of it was in English. Puzzled, he asked to hear it, so I started singing it to him:

“… Zao-ow-beh, zao-ow-beh, beh-ow, beh-ow, beh-ow…”

He couldn’t stop laughing at me, but I was still like, “What? What? You know the song? What is it?” He found the song on YouTube and played it for me…

Okay, please feel free to laugh at me now. But if you listen carefully to the chorus, I still think it sounds like “Zao-ow-beh, zao-ow-beh, beh-ow, beh-ow, beh-ow…” 😛

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