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Vroom Vroom! Children’s Books about Vehicles (Plus 15% off ALL Children’s Books!)

Noah has been really into vehicles of all sorts recently, and I’ve been borrowing various books on cars, tractors, and trains for him from the library. He sits quietly by himself in the living room, flipping through these books, as long as either parent is in the area with him. Sometimes, after a while, he’ll bring them to us, and ask us to read to him, while on other occasions, he picks up his toy cars, and starts going ‘vroom vroom’ around the floor with them. 

Because we’re overseas, I have been trying my best not to buy more books for him, but I do still spend a lot of time browsing online bookstores, such as The Groovy Giraffe, to see if there are any new additions to their collection. If your child is into vehicles, here’s a list of books that might interest him. (Yes, I’ve actually even ‘selected’ them, but I’ll wait till we get back to Singapore to make my purchase. Hopefully they won’t run out of stock!)

Whose Wheels

Lift-the-flap books are generally popular with little ones, who love getting their hands on everything. I think the big flaps should be sturdy enough to withstand the repeated pulling of curious hands.


Dazzling Diggers

Tremendous Tractors

Tough Trucks

These are from the same series, and I think Noah will absolutely love them! The illustrations look very cute and appealing, and I’m sure I can learn a thing or two about the different vehicles as well, from the preview pages shown on the website. I like that the sentences are short enough to hold a young child’s attention, and the rhyming will definitely help too.

The Wheels on the Bus

This is Noah’s ALL-TIME-FAVOURITE song, and I can’t believe we don’t have the book yet. Something that must be rectified when we get back!

Touchy-Feely Cars

I love these touchy-feely books by Usborne, and this one in particular is all about cars, including being in a mechanic’s garage! A sure-hit with the kids who love cars.

To the Rescue

Let's Go to Work

These two caught my eye because the colours of the vehicles will ‘magically’ appear when you pull the tabs! How fun!

Disney Cars Sight Words

This is definitely more suited for older children, and I’m thinking of getting it for my nephew who loves vehicles too. He always complains that I buy him books instead of toys, but I think books make great gifts, don’t you? 😉

Imagine with Elmo

Okay, this isn’t a book about vehicles, obviously, but I’m sharing it here, because I love magnetic books. I haven’t gotten any yet, because I think Noah might be a bit too young (and rough) with them, but I’m very tempted to get this one, because he seems to like Elmo quite a bit.

I can Share

Yesterday, I wrote about our experience with a little boy who kept grabbing Noah’s maracas at the library, and how I didn’t know what to do in that situation. This sounds like a good book to introduce the concept of sharing to Noah, and it’s by Karen Katz, who wrote Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?

, which Noah loves.


 Keen to get some (or all) of these books? Get 15% off all books in the Children’s category at The Groovy Giraffe! This includes books from the Pop-up, Picture, Early Reader, Activity, Chapter, Non-fiction to Audio books categories. 

Key in the coupon code GWTT15OFF at checkout to enjoy the discount. 

Discount valid from now till 19 March 2014. 

Happy shopping at The Groovy Giraffe

PS. Want to learn more about The Groovy Giraffe? Check out my introductory post on them here

PPS. For more suggestions on children’s books, take a look at my list of Best Baby Board Books. Do note that although the titles there are linked to Amazon, some of them can also be found at The Groovy Giraffe, so do a quick search of the titles on The Groovy Giraffe if you like some of the titles I’ve shared there. 


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