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We’ve been back in Singapore for about a week, and things have been so crazy that I haven’t had time to write Noah’s 23rd month update. Here’s a really late post on what’s new with Noah.

Our little boy recently became a lot chattier, and even though he doesn’t speak in complete sentences, his first sentence of sorts was “I want. Some more. Please!” I think that counts as a sentence, right? Anyway, he had just woken up, and was asking for more milk. He seems to think I’m a vending machine or something like that, and often tries to choose which boob to drink from, by pointing at it, and telling me ‘this side’ or ‘the other one’. =.=

I’ve also recently discovered that he CAN sleep through the night, if he chooses to! I accidentally stumbled upon this discovery, and have been kicking myself for not trying it earlier with him. One night, I was really tired, and before I nursed him to sleep, I told him that he was a big boy already, and that he cannot wake up in the middle of the night to ask for milk. To my surprise, he really slept through the night, and only woke me up in the morning for milk. I thought it was a one-off occurrence, and was amazed that it worked when tried it again the next night. Of course, he does still ask for milk in the middle of the night every now and then, but most of the time, I tell him that it’s still night, and he goes back to sleep without protesting, or after asking me to pat him for a while. Sometimes, however, he gets really upset when I say no, and I cave, because I’m too tired to struggle with him. My supply is really very low now anyway, and I don’t think I’ll be able to nurse him for much longer anymore, so I don’t mind giving in on those difficult nights.

Noah has been asking to hold various items when we go out, and loves “helping” to hold the umbrella, even when I’m carrying him.


Admiring his reflection in the shop window, while he carries the umbrella which is taller than him


He really loves to go out, and often brings me his shoes when he wants to go for a walk, which happens more often than you’d expect.


On our walks back to our apartment in Adelaide, we pass by a particular block of apartments, and Noah loves to walk on the ledge along the block. He stands in the corner, then hides his face behind the wall, before peeking out at us, and saying ‘Boo!’, with his signature cheeky grin. He also makes me sing a particular song that I made up as he walks, and stops if I stop. He turns around, looks up at me, and says, ‘Sing! Sing!’ I feel silly doing it, especially when we walk past other people, but I guess part of being a parent involves doing silly things for your child, doesn’t it?


Noah has been trying to assert his independence more, and often asks to sit by himself when we take the tram. I try not to give in every time, because I don’t want him to be spoilt, but on days when the tram is relatively empty, I allow him to have his own seat next to me. I also remind him that he can only sit for a while, and that he has to let me carry him after that, because we have to alight soon. Thankfully, he is quite cooperative, and only gets upset when I don’t give him sufficient advance notice that we will be alighting.

Sitting by himself on the tram


His absolute favourite thing to do at Rundle Mall is to play with the pigs. Each time we go to Rundle Mall, he immediately asks for ‘pigs’ and as though he’s afraid I can’t understand him, he adds ‘oink oink’ too. His next favourite activity there is to eat the free popcorn samples, and he gobbles it up as though he’s been starved for days. He also likes trying on the glasses from one of the shops there, probably because C wears glasses too.

Playing with the Rundle Mall pigs

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 3.57.40 pm

Can’t smile because his mouth is full of popcorn


Trying on the yellow glasses he chose


If you’ve seen my post on how to wake Noah up, you’d know that he loves music and dancing. He’s been trying to learn how to jump, after watching some nursery rhyme videos, but all he’s been able to do so far is stomp around. C started trying to teach him to kick a ball, though Noah prefers throwing the ball around instead.



With me, however, Noah tends to do more sit-down activities, like reading and drawing. When I say reading, I actually mean flipping through the pages and looking at the pictures. I’m just thankful that he’s quiet!

Borrowing his favourite Grug books at the library


‘Reading’ by himself





Colouring at the library’s story-time


With his completed craft


Noah also attended his first ever “drop-off” programme at the church’s ladies’ group event, and had a really good time there.

Crafting at the drop-off programme


He is still quite cautious around other children, especially those whom he is unfamiliar with, but he enjoys hanging out with this little boy. They play quietly together during our ladies’ group meetings, and he sometimes asks for ‘korkor’ when we are at home.

Checking out the dog with korkor


We hope that Noah will be more confident around other children, because he sometimes gets so scared that he begs to be carried, and looks as though he will burst into tears soon. We’ve been telling him to be a brave boy, and I plan to bring him for playgroups soon. He’s turning two in less than a month’s time, and we pray that he will not suffer from the dreaded terrible twos!


PS. I’ve been shortlisted as one of the ten finalists in this year’s Singapore Blog Awards, and would really appreciate it if you could take some time to vote for me at the Singapore Blog Awards website. You can vote once daily, until the end of July. Thanks!

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