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Just the other day, someone asked me how old Noah was, and I struggled to remember his exact age. I told her that he was slightly more than 2 years old, and when she found out that he was born in July, she told me that he’s almost 2.5 years old. ‘What?’ I thought. ‘How’s that possible?’ When I look at Noah, he still looks so much like a baby, my baby, and I’m really struggling to deal with the fact that he’s going to start school in less than two months’ time. 

We’ve had another busy month, (when are the days ever not busy when there’s a toddler in the house?), although thankfully, we managed to take two short breaks as a family. We went on our first ever staycation at Village Hotel Changi, and also visited Penang for a few days. I haven’t gotten down to writing about our Penang trip, but we had a wonderful time there, and I’m definitely going to blog about it soon.

Swimming during our staycation

Changi Village Staycation (17 of 20)

Noah got his own seat on the flight to Penang, because he turned two recently, and he was most thrilled about that. We gave him the window seat initially, and he was very busy peering out of the window and looking at the clouds, before deciding that it was too sunny, and that he needed to pull the shades down.

Pleased to have his own seat on the flight (and to be wearing his Planes t-shirt, of course)


We stayed at the wonderful Rasa Sayang Resort in Penang, and I think one of the highlights of the hotel stay for Noah was that he got to meet Mr T every morning at breakfast.

With Mr T at breakfast


Noah also went for his first ever Chinese play, The Nightingale, and I was relieved that he actually sat through it, despite not understanding most of it. I think it helped that there was a lot of singing and dancing, which captivated him.

The Nightingale


Waiting for the play to begin



C decided that it was time to try bringing Noah for his first movie, so we went to catch Planes: Fire and Rescue, which Noah absolutely loved. He is now a huge fan of all the Cars and Planes movies, and carries his McQueen car around everywhere.

We-fie before the movie


Watching an advertisement


His verdict after the movie: thumbs up!


We also watched Hairy Maclary and Friends in the theatre, and Noah kept asking, “Where’s the dog?” during the performance. I still haven’t gotten down to borrowing the books from the library to read with him though.

Excited about watching Hairy Maclary


The night before we left for Penang, we went to watch some tennis at the new Sports Hub. Noah was quite excited initially, but after a while, he got bored, so we had to take turns bringing him out, and letting him run around a little.

At the WTA Finals



We bought Noah a skate-scooter recently, but he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet, and insists on walking it like a dog. We brought him to the Road Safety Park one evening, in the hope that he would be more motivated to use it properly there, but all he wanted to do was to “pump petrol”. We haven’t used it since then, and I hope we’ll be able to let him try it out again soon.

Walking his pet dog skate-scooter




“Pumping petrol”



We visited the zoo again to make the most out of our annual pass, and Noah asked to ride the pony again. He also surprised us by wanting to go on the Mega Bounce, because he’s usually quite timid. He didn’t jump very much on it, but the staff helped him to go pretty high, and he was so happy!

“Driving” to the zoo


Up close and personal with a lemur


Riding the pony again



Happiness on the Mega Bounce



Noah’s hair was getting a tad too long for my liking, so I brought him to a new hairdresser at City Square Mall, because C didn’t approve of his previous haircut. He sat on the seat by himself, and his eyes were glued to the screen in front of him, throughout most of the haircut. The lady was very careful and took quite some time to finish cutting his hair, but I think she did quite a good job.

Getting his hair cut




I think the most significant event that happened this past month was the orientation at his new school. He made himself right at home by playing at the playground there, and ran around so much that I lost sight of him on a couple of occasions. I loved that the children there learn through playing, and even though I will miss having him with me all the time, I think that he will enjoy being in this school quite a bit.

Playing in his new school




Happy 27th month, sweetheart. You’re growing up too quickly for me!


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