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Our little boy has recently turned two, and he is indeed very blessed to have had two simple rounds of celebrations, with our immediate families, and with my god-family

In the past month, we left Adelaide, our home for nine months, and returned to Singapore for good. (I still haven’t written a post on that yet!) C and I were just counting the number of flights that Noah has been on, and we realised that the return flight to Singapore was his 15th! It was also the last flight that he would have to be strapped to me during take-off and landing, as he will need his own seat the next time we fly.

Packing for our flight home


So many bags!


Examining the safety instructions card on the flight


We recently got him a Learning Tower, and he has been happily climbing up and down from it. He likes to stand in it for his snacks, and to watch me cook or wash the dishes. I also did my first bake with him, and I think he enjoyed the experience, which was my original purpose of getting the Learning Tower for him.

In his Learning Tower 


He still loves drawing, so the easel on the Learning Tower is a great addition. My only problem so far is that he ends up drawing on the wood as well, and doesn’t know how to clean the easel properly after he’s done with it. One day, while I was busy preparing the ingredients for his porridge, he was very busy doodling away on the easel. After a while, I noticed that he was seated on the floor, but I thought he was just wiping the floor with his cloth. Suddenly, I heard him go “WOOOOWWWWWW…” so I knew something was most likely wrong, and went to check on him. To my horror, he had used his white crayon to draw huge circles all over our black tiles! I made him clean it off, with some help of course. I was so glad that I bought him the dry erase crayons, or we would have to live with weird drawings on our floor.

Happy to be doodling 



Corrective Work Order


When he’s not busy drawing, he likes to ask to play with his trains. Sometimes, I build the tracks for him on his table, but recently, he prefers to help me build the tracks on the floor mat instead.




I’ve been trying to bring Noah out for walks and playground time daily, because he loved going to the parks in Adelaide. Hopefully, this will be part of his routine for as long as possible.

At the playground/exercise area



Practising jumping at the stadium


Sometimes, after playing at the park, he will ask to climb the stairs home. Once, he even made it up most of the thirteen flights of stairs!

Climbing stairs



Water play is a bit of a challenge, as he has developed a fear of water on his head. We’ve been encouraging him to play at the water play areas that we come across, so hopefully, he will start to enjoy them more.

Gingerly exploring at the water play area




He loves going out, and runs into the lift once the doors open, so that he can hold on to the handrail inside.

Holding on to the handrail


Supermarkets are still quite fun for him, because he gets to sit in the trolley, and look at various interesting things. Sometimes, we go to one with live seafood, and he can watch them swimming around their tanks for ages. Noah also tries to convince me to buy various snacks for him, by pointing at whatever catches his eye, and telling me earnestly, “Buy! Buy!”

Examining the fish from a distance, and saying ‘Yu!’ (Chinese for ‘fish’)


He saw his first tropical swallowtail moth, and although he was initially quite afraid of it, he mustered up enough courage to stand near it, so that I could take a photo of him with it.

Noah and the Moth

Noah has been more open to eating various types of food recently, (THANK GOD!) and we allow him to eat whatever we’re having most of the time, especially when we eat out. Hopefully, he continues to eat well, as his weight is still hovering around 10kg. He is also drinking a little UHT milk in the mornings, and I try to offer him either fresh milk or UHT milk when he asks me for milk. Sometimes, I have to bribe him with his favourite keropok, or allow him to watch videos while he drinks the milk from a cup, but at least he’s drinking it!

Having some UHT milk in the morning


He also had some durian on his birthday, which surprised me, because he ran away from us when we tried to give him some durian a few months ago. This time round, although he didn’t eat much of it, he took three or four nibbles of it, which is an improvement.

Still unsure if he likes the taste of durians


Noah went for his first ever play this month too, and is still talking about it, days after the event.

With the cast of Round the Moon, Blue the Sky


We also brought him to the Singapore zoo for the first time on his birthday, and he enjoyed himself tremendously.

Birthday boy at the zoo


It’s been a very busy month for us, and we’re slowly settling in to some kind of routine. I haven’t been very consistent in doing “work” with him, and we still pretty much go with the flow each day. Noah seems quite happy, but then again, which kid wouldn’t be, if all he does is play? 😉


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