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Trehaus Cowork

Trehaus Cowork recently had their Open Haus, and I went down with my godsis to check it out. I’ve been seeing photos of their gorgeous space on Facebook (check out their FB page HERE), and really wanted to visit it.

What exactly is Trehaus, you may ask? Well, it’s Singapore’s first co-working space, complete with childcare and learning facilities. It’s perfect if you work from home, and would like your child to be meaningfully occupied (ie no electronic nannies) while you work. It’s located at the new Claymore Connect, a short walk away from Orchard MRT station, so it’s pretty convenient.

Playdate at Trehaus!

Photo courtesy of Raising Faith

Once I stepped into the Trehaus premises, I was instantly impressed by the lovely natural light streaming in from their floor-to-ceiling windows/walls. The furnishing is mainly white and light brown, so the space looks really clean and wide. Such a nice change from the usual primary-coloured furniture used in child-related places! The entire place is extremely well thought-out, with a spacious and comfy nursing room, a quiet and dark rest area for babies and kids who need their naps, and of course, the practical work stations and meeting rooms. I didn’t take a lot of photos, because I was too busy admiring everything, so do check out their website HERE for more photos. Better still, head down to Trehaus to see it for yourself!

Look at the huge space for the kiddos!


Plenty of toys available for free play


Nursing room


Super comfy nursing chair


Shhh… Time for a nap!


One of the workstations


Cozy space for meetings


There are a few different play areas for the children, and these change from time to time, based on various themes. When we were there, the theme was Construction, so there was an area filled with construction vehicles and tools, and even the books read during story-time were construction-related. There was also a train table that Noah spent quite a bit of time playing at, after participating in the singalong session conducted by the staff. Yes, they have staff there to interact with your children, so you can rest assured that they are supervised at all times.

At the singalong sessions





Construction Zone


Busy construction worker


Train table



Photo courtesy of Raising Faith

I particularly liked that there was a sensory play area, and Noah got to play with pasta and sand (not at the same time, of course). He was also attracted to the finger-painting table, where he mixed the different colours and basically made a huge mess. I loved that he could indulge in messy play, without me having to clean up after him. Heh heh.

Sensory play



So happy to be playing with sand!




Finger-painting table (before Noah attacked it)


Making a mess at the finger-painting table





If you have a baby or toddler, there’s also a very baby-friendly play area for your little one. The padded mats and beanbags are really comfortable, and there are also age-appropriate toys available to stimulate your baby.

Baby-friendly area



Honestly, I would love to be a kid and play at the Trehaus, because there’s just so much to do and play with! We were there twice, once during the Open Haus, and again during the March holidays, and spent about two hours there each time, but Noah just couldn’t get enough, and was very reluctant to leave on both occasions. I had to promise to bring him back again so that he would agree to leave with me!

Trehaus offers drop-off services too, so if you have plenty of errands to run that day, and don’t want to bring your child along, you can opt to leave him at Trehaus, knowing that he will be well-entertained. I think the fee of $20 per hour ($15 if you’re a member) is very reasonable, since it’s supervised by the staff, and definitely more educational than say, an indoor playground. If you want to work on your laptop there while your child is playing, you can do so with a day-pass ($50/day, inclusive of wifi), or take up any of their membership packages HERE.

I’m planning to bring Noah there again during the June holidays, because I know he loves playing there, and I can do a bit of writing/reading/thinking without having to worry about what he’s up to. Also, he can engage in all the messy play he wants, since I don’t have to clean up after him. If that’s not a win-win situation, I don’t know what is. Trehaus also offers holiday programmes, so do check with them to see if their special programmes will suit your child. Have fun!

Trehaus Cowork Claymore Connect 442 Orchard Road, #03-01 Singapore 238879 Tel: 9843 8077 Email: Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 9a.m. – 6p.m.

Disclaimer: We were invited to the Open Haus and given a free pass for our second visit. All fun, photos, and opinions are as always, our own, unless otherwise stated.

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