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To Our Dearest Twins… #4

Dearest Didi and Meimei,

You’re turning eight months old soon, which means you have officially spent more than half your lives in Jakarta than in Singapore. You’re probably a lot more familiar with our place here, which most likely explains why you seem more unsettled when we are back in Singapore, and I have to admit that I’m a little sad about that. Singapore was where we first became a family of five, but well, all that matters is that we are all together in the same place, right?

You’ve grown so much since the last letter I wrote to you, not quite in the physical sense, since both of you haven’t really been gaining weight, but in terms of what you can do now.

I started you on solids the day after you turned six months old, and although Didi wasn’t that keen on eating initially, both of you are pretty good at eating now. The only thing that you both rejected so far is apple, which surprised me, since you’ve been eating everything offered (as seen in your “chat” about weaning HERE). At the moment, we’re doing traditional weaning instead of Baby-Led Weaning, though I’ve let you try using the Clevamama Clevafeed to feed yourselves a couple of times. You can both drink well from your MagMag cups now, but for some strange reason, you both prefer to spit the water out instead of swallowing it. What’s up with that, huh?

Eating avocado

Pumpkin and carrot seem to be your current favs

Meimei drinking from the MagMag like a boss

Meimei, your first two teeth recently made their appearance, while Didi still doesn’t have any teeth yet. Please don’t bite me, okay?

Meimei, you are babbling quite a bit now, and your favourite thing to say is “Ah-ta-ta”, which your KorKor insists means “KorKor”. *rolls eyes* Your voice is actually pretty loud, but when you babble, you use a softer, almost shy tone. When we talk to you, you smile coyly at us, and babble back in that cute little voice, which never fails to make us smile. You’ve said “Dada Dada Dada” and “Papa Papa Papa” a few times, but you don’t look at Daddy when you say it, so I don’t think it can be considered your first word.

Didi, you recently started babbling more, and you ALSO like to say “Ah-ta-ta”! I’ve been trying to get both of you to say “Mama” but I suspect that’s not going to happen, especially when I think I’ve heard you say “dada” and “papa” once or twice. Yes, I know that those sounds are easier to make than “mama”, but hey, I can try, can’t I? The two of you smile at me when I say “mama” in an exaggerated manner in front of you, and it almost feels like you’re secretly laughing at me. Thanks, babies, thanks. Let’s see if you laugh when I don’t give you milk, or pick you up when you wake me up for the fifth time at night.

Both of you really like blowing raspberries, and according to this article, it means that language will start developing soon. I can’t wait to hear what your first words will be, and I’m really hoping that it’ll be “Mama”, since your KorKor’s first word was “Papa”.

Blowing raspberries

When will you say “Mama”?

Both of you are pros at flipping now, and roll around quite a bit. Didi, you surprised me by being the first to flip at five months old, since you weren’t even really trying to flip before that. One morning two months later, Meimei surprised me by suddenly deciding to belly-crawl, and Didi followed suit that same night. Just three days before that, Didi sat up by himself. So many milestones within such a short period of time! Didi, you prefer to sit up instead of crawl, while Meimei just scoots around on her belly, especially when she spies a gadget nearby. I always thought that Meimei would sit up on her own first, since she’s steadier in the sitting position than Didi, but she still hasn’t shown any sign of wanting to do that yet.

Didi flipping at five months old

First sitting practice

Didi sitting up by himself

Crawling competition


You’re both a lot more mobile than KorKor was at your age, and when Didi started scooting backwards and off the playmat, I convinced Daddy that we needed to get a play yard to keep both of you safe. Thankfully, we managed to get a preloved one, and you’ve both been pretty happy playing in it. Meimei, you’re always making your way to the gate, and slapping your hands on the floor outside the play yard. You also enjoy playing peekaboo with me through the little windows of your play yard.

Escaping from the playmat

I have no idea how Didi got stuck under the table

First time in the play yard

Playing happily

Meimei at the gate


Didi, you are super sticky to me, and once you spot me, you’ll cry to be carried. I think your stranger anxiety kicked into high gear when we went back to Singapore for your great-grandma’s funeral two weeks ago, and you were overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to carry you. When you’re in a good mood, you’re content to just have me sit inside the play yard with you, but when you’re extra needy, you’ll cry pitifully till I pick you up. When I nurse Meimei after I’ve nursed you, you somehow can’t seem to get that you’ve already had your milk, and wail away while holding my hand AND leaning against my legs. You sure know how to make me feel important! You’re definitely the needier baby, although you’re really good at smiling at the camera, which makes everyone think that you’re the easier one.

Yay, Mummy is in the play yard with me

Why is Mummy so far away?

Didi’s Oscar-worthy fake crying

I just had milk but my world is ending because Meimei is having milk now

It’s been really fun watching you interact with each other, although Didi seems to be the victim more often than Meimei. It’ll be really interesting to see how things will play out as you grow older. I foresee myself having to play referee a lot, but hopefully, you’ll both be able to get along well.


“Mummy! Meimei is bullying me again!”

Didi fights back

Playing happily together

I haven’t been reading as much to both of you as I’d like to, but I promise to try harder. Your KorKor loved story-time and never once put a book into his mouth, so I was appalled when Meimei decided to sample one of the Sandra Boynton books. At least you’ve got good taste, I guess? I tried showing you some touch-and-feel flashcards, but you weren’t interested at all, so I’ve put them away for now.

Unimpressed by the touch-and-feel flashcards


KorKor is your hero, and both of you love watching his every move. He makes both of you laugh with his antics, and can even make you stop crying when Daddy can’t.

Hanging out with KorKor

Watching the KorKor Show

It’s been a tough few weeks as both of you have been battling the flu bug yet again, and I’ve resorted to letting Didi sleep next to me on the bed because you wake up so frequently at night. I pray that you’ll both recover quickly, and that you’ll be healthy. Please also start sleeping through the night, because I really don’t enjoy waking up eight times at night.

We’re going on our first holiday as a family of five next month, and I’m looking forward to more trips together with you. I know you won’t remember a thing about our holidays for now, but I promise to take lots of photos and write about our adventures together, so that you’ll be able to read them next time.

I love you both more than you’ll ever imagine.

With all my love, Mummy

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