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To Our Dearest Twins… #2

My dearest twins,

I can hardly believe that we are at 32 weeks now. Every day that you stay inside my womb is a blessing, and even though you wake me up with your kicks and many movements, I am so thankful that I get to experience it all. I’m not enjoying the acid reflux that I’ve been having these days, but Dr Loh has prescribed Gaviscon for that, so hopefully, I’ll be able to cope better with that.

The last time I wrote to you, I was feeling really worried about both of you, especially Meimei, who hadn’t put on much weight. I was so touched by the many people who contacted me, telling me that we were in their prayers. We are very blessed to be loved by so many people! I truly believe that God heard all those prayers, because when we saw Dr Loh at 30 weeks, Didi was 1.4kg (up from 1.3kg) and Meimei was an impressive 1.57kg (up from 1kg). Of course, we were a little worried about Didi, since he hardly put on any weight in two weeks, but Dr Loh wasn’t too bothered about it, so we figured it should be fine. Daddy came along for the 30-week appointment too, because he was so worried about the two of you, and as a bonus, we got to see both of your faces that day as well. Dr Loh did a 3D scan for us, since you were both in good positions, and I’m so glad that Daddy was there that day, to see both your faces with me. At the moment, Didi looks like Daddy, while Meimei looks more like me (and KorKor), which kinda surprised me, since I assumed that both of you will resemble KorKor (and me) more. Well, the only way we will know for sure is when you’re born, but there’s absolutely no hurry, okay?

Hello, babies!

Mummy has been eating plenty of beef and durians for the two of you, and ever since I discovered that avocado milkshakes aren’t as gross as I imagined them to be, I’ve been trying to drink that as frequently as possible too. I’ve honestly never been so desperate to gain weight before, and I think it’s going to be tough for me to lose all the weight I’ve gained so far, but as long as you’re both growing well, I’ll keep eating and drinking whatever I have to.

Last Friday, Daddy and I saw Dr Loh at our 32-week appointment, and were so relieved to hear that both of your weights have evened out, and you’re both at 1.8kg now. You’re still on the small side, even for twins, but Dr Loh says it’s still within range, and that you should be able to hit the minimum 2kg weight, if all goes well. Both of you are now head-down, pressing on my bladder, which explains why I need to pee so frequently. You’ve switched positions, and Didi is now on my right, while Meimei has moved to my left. You’re lying side-by-side now, and I wonder if you end up squishing each other whenever I sleep on my side. Haha. Maybe that’s why you both protest so much when I lie on my side!

I’ve noticed that Meimei is a lot more active now, as compared to when you were much smaller than Didi at 28 weeks, so I’m guessing that all the extra movement is a sign that you’re growing well. Didi is as active as always, and even Dr Loh was amazed at how active you were during the scan. You moved around so much and so quickly that he couldn’t manage to see your face during the 3D scan. His exact words were, “Wah wah wah! So fast! Don’t say you catch no ball, even I also catch no ball!” Haha. You’re a busy little fella for sure!

I really hope that both of you will remain head-down, so that I can have a natural delivery. Dr Loh seems confident that we can do it, as long as Didi is head-down, because you’re the first twin. KorKor was only 2.48kg at birth, so if you can both get to that weight, it would be good enough for us. I’m amazed that I’m already carrying 3.6kg of babies now, which is way more than what your KorKor weighed.

Dr Loh says that my belly is very big, because I’ve got a lot of fluid inside, but that’s a good sign. I told him that people have been commenting that my belly looks small for someone carrying twins, and he just laughed, saying, “Who are they? They don’t know anything la! This is very big already!” He says my womb is soft, which means there aren’t signs of contractions yet, and my cervix is still good, whatever that means. I’m just so happy to hear the word “good”!

Our next appointment is in two weeks, ie at 34 weeks, which Dr Loh described as being “very near home ground”. He is still set on getting you both out by 37 weeks, which means, if you both keep growing well, and stay inside mummy’s womb until you get to full-term, we’ll be seeing you in five weeks. FIVE weeks! That’s really quite soon, and I’m definitely not ready for that yet. But then again, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready, so we will just take things as they come, okay?

We are currently on a staycation, our last before the two of you are born, and Daddy says it’s our second babymoon (our first was to Penang in March) since we are expecting twins. Awwww… He’s been so busy with work, and travelling every week, so it’s really nice that we get to spend time together as a family like that. Daddy and KorKor have been spending a lot of time together on this staycation, going to the pool, beach, and indoor playground together, which means I get to rest and just chill in the hotel room. It’s such a luxury, and I’m really treasuring my alone-time now, because things are going to be really different once the two of you are born. I admit that I’m worried about how we will cope with three kids, but it’s a “problem” that we are more than happy to have.

Please be good, and keep growing inside, okay? All we ask for, is for you both to be healthy and happy babies. We love you more than you can ever imagine.

Lots of love, Mummy

PS. We still haven’t decided on your names yet! KorKor has been coming up with all sorts of strange names, like Nonsense Tan, Tiger Tan, and Wander-Around-the-House Tan. He loves both of you very much, and I’m sure you’ve heard him talking and singing to you, and perhaps even felt his kisses every night. He has the best of intentions, though his name-choosing skills need plenty of work. Don’t worry, we won’t let him choose your names! 😉

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