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Threadless + Blik

I don’t remember how or when our love affair with Threadless tees began, but I’m really quite addicted to them. Not so much for myself these days as for C and Noah, but also for friends as gifts. I like that the designs are quirky and make tongue-in-cheek puns or references to various other people/shows/issues. Even the names of the tees are funny! These designs are also quite unique and you will seldom find yourself trying to avoid bumping into someone wearing the exact same tee as you. Unless you bought the same tee for your friend, of course. Which we did for C’s friends as Christmas gifts. I’ve bought matching tees for C and Noah, and I think it’s cute to have them wear the same top. I don’t think Noah will want to be caught in matching outfits with us when he’s older, so best to do these things now while he has no say! ;P

Father and Son in Matching Tees

Matching Tees

PS. I really love this design in particular. It’s called, ‘Nice try, Dinosaurs’ and if you look closely, or check out the design properly on the site itself, you’ll see that the three dinosaurs on the left have tried to camouflage themselves with paint, in order to get onto the ark on the right.

Being an ‘auntie’ thrifty, I tend to wait for their sales before making my purchase. I subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Facebook as well as Twitter, to ensure that I don’t miss out on any good deals. They have sale periods quite frequently, and the tees can be priced at USD9.95. Shipping is an additional cost of course, but once in a while, they offer discounts on shipping too, so keep a lookout for all the different deals.

One of the problems I often face when I shop for Threadless tees is that the item is out of stock. However, Threadless offers the option of requesting a reprint in my size, and even sends email notifications when the item is back in stock again. Their customer service is also excellent and I’ve had very good experiences with them when I requested for help with my orders and shipments.

When C and I were looking for wall decals for the nursery, we realised that Threadless has tied up with Blik to create wall decals of their designs, which was perfect for us. We loved ‘A Birth Day’, and I had already purchased a set of the tees for all three of us, so it was a no-brainer for the wall decal. We also chose ‘Insomnia’ for the other wall, as the bright green grass matched the colour of our Ikea storage system beneath it perfectly.

A Birth Day

Insomnia Look closely at the grass!

If you are looking for unique and quirky tees or wall decals, do check out the Threadless and Blik collections. New designs are regularly updated, which is why I often visit the site to see if there are any new items to get. No, I do not have a shopping problem. I only have a cash flow one! ;P

Happy shopping!

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