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Less than a month before Noah turns three, and this will most likely be my second last post officially tracking his monthly development, as it would probably make more sense if I wrote posts to round up each month. I’ll still write about all the things he did and said, so it’ll probably be just a change in the way the posts are titled.

Noah has become more conscious of what he wears, and I try to let him have a bit of a say in what he wears now. His favourite tees are usually Cars-related, though he likes wearing the Leo Lionni tees quite a bit too, because he wants to be matchy-matchy with me. I’m definitely going to treasure these times, because he’s not going to want to be seen in matching clothes with me when he’s older! He loves wearing his sunglasses, which I won ages ago for him, when he was just a baby. They’re a tad too small for him, but he doesn’t seem to mind, so I’m not going to bother getting him a new pair yet.

Loving his sunglasses




Mr Fussy Eater is now a bit of a food snob, and asks for sushi or crispy wantans from Din Tai Fung quite often. We’re more than happy to oblige whenever possible, because he can eat quite a bit when he has either one. He went on yet another round of milk strike, and has been refusing to drink any milk, so we try to let him eat his favourite types of food, so that he will eat more. Once in a blue moon, he asks for cornflakes with milk for breakfast, but I can’t put too much milk into his bowl, or his cornflakes will get too soggy, and he’ll refuse to eat them. He loves eating durians, which was quite a surprise, since he refused to eat any the last time they were in season. I also started letting him have some Yakult now and then, though he doesn’t ask for it if I don’t offer it to him. Since the weather has been rather hot, I made some popsicles out of fruit juice for him, and he was thrilled to be able to have “ice-cream”.

Nomming on sushi




Breakfast on the kitchen floor


Having a bit of Yakult


Mmmm… Durian!




Because it was the school holidays, I brought Noah out quite a bit. We went to two indoor playgrounds (he LOVES slides and ball pits) for playdates, checked out the Children’s Season at LTA, visited the SEA Games Carnival thrice, attended the Squirky book launch, and examined panda poop at the River Safari. He’s now a huge fan of the SEA Games, and exclaims, “Look! SEA Games!” every time we pass a SEA Games bus or banner. He still asks to go to the SEA Games Carnival, and asks, “WHY?” when I tell him that it’s already over. He absolutely loves ball pits and slides now, and it’s such a joy watching him play with such a huge grin on his face.

At Cool de Sac





At Petite Park




Children’s Season at LTA





Happiness at the SEA Games Carnival



The Hockey station was his favourite, and he even managed to score a goal!


Getting ready for the MegaBounce


Out on a date with K




Ringing the bell outside Raffles City in support of Team Singapore



At the Squirky book launch (Read our review of the first three books HERE)


Unimpressed by panda poop at the River Safari (Read about our experience HERE)

River Safari (3 of 12)

We took a bus out for a change on one of the days, and he was so happy that it was a double-decker, and even more so when we scored seats at the front of the upper deck. On another day, he got to drive the car-trolley at NTUC, and was beaming away as we shopped. Such simple pleasures!

Double-decker bus ride


Driving in NTUC


Noah finally grew tall enough to use the balance bike that I won for him last year, and has been going around the house on it. I found a bell at Daiso for his bike, which was probably a mistake, because he started ringing the bell a lot. When I told him that he could only ring it to warn others that he’s behind them, he promptly started following me everywhere I went, just so he could ring the bell merrily behind me. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

On his Balance Bike


Ringing the Bell


Hockey is still one of his favourite sports, especially when all three of us head to the common corridor outside our house to play it together. He can now dribble the ball for a short distance before hitting it, and C is working on teaching him how to use the reverse stick.

Daddy’s biggest fan (and critic)


Playing hockey at CCAB after C’s match




I also decided to let him try Duplo Car Ramp Painting, since he likes cars and painting. I think he was a little confused initially, since it was his first time painting with his cars, but he got the hang of it after a while, and seemed to enjoy it. I suspect he liked the washing up after that even more, since I gave him plenty of bubbles in his “car wash”!

Duplo Car Ramp Painting


Car Washing in Progress


Speaking of painting, Noah was rather tickled when I started putting paint on his hands and feet for C’s Father’s Day card. His handprints and footprints look so tiny and precious, I really think I should do this more often. I love holding his hands when we walk around, because I know that he won’t need me to hold them anymore when he’s older. We’ve already had to upgrade his school shoes once since the beginning of the year, and I think I’m still in denial that he’s growing up!

Making handprints and footprints



Getting a kiss from daddy after he gave him the card


Noah recently developed an interest in dinosaurs, so we brought him to watch Jurassic World. We weren’t sure if he’d be scared, so we showed him the trailer at home first, before booking the tickets. He was glued to the screen, and kept asking us to play the trailer over and over for him, so we figured it would be safe to bring him to watch the movie. I also read a couple of reviews by other parent bloggers, who brought their kids to the premiere, and the general consensus was that it was less gory than the first movie. To be honest, I think I was more scared than Noah, and I kinda hid behind him during the scary bits, on the pretext of hugging him. Haha.

Excited about watching Jurassic World


I brought him to Plaza Singapura to check out the Dinosaurize Me exhibit, where we got to see the Giganotosaurus and Argentinosaurus. Noah was suitably awed, and made me read the information on the display boards a couple of times to him.



Noah came down with a mild fever during the holidays, but that didn’t deter him from playing at home. He likes building tall and/or long structures recently, so he did that while he was recovering from the fever. Thankfully, he was well after 24 hours, and we could go out to play again.

Building while down with a fever



When he isn’t busy playing or running around at home, Noah can usually be found flipping through books on his own, which is something that makes me so very happy. I love that he loves books, and often pulls out books to “read” when I’m busy. Of course, he bugs me like crazy to read to him, and each night, there is a serious negotiation over the number of books we read to him before he goes to bed, but that is a happy “problem”. I think he still doesn’t recognise some of the letters of the alphabet, but I’m not too bothered by that, as I think it’s more important that he enjoys reading.

“Reading” on his own



Noah usually naps on our bed on weekday afternoons, but we insist that he sleeps in his cot at night, and during his weekend naps, when he refuses to settle down. It’s right next to my side of the bed, but he always protests, and I have to sing him a song before putting him into the cot. His favourite song now is this song that I learnt from the radio when I was still studying, and he loves singing it too.

Trying to escape


Singing “Go to Sleep Now”

He’s growing up so quickly, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to stay home with him, so that I get to be with him as he experiences new things. I love the way his eyes light up when he discovers a new book, or when we tell him that we are bringing him out. I love how affectionate he is, always giving us plenty of hugs and kisses, and telling us that he loves us. He is a regular chatterbox like me, and tells the longest rambling stories we’ve ever heard, but he also makes us laugh with all the funny things he says and does. (Check out the most recent posts on what he’s been saying HERE and HERE.)

Happy 35th month, sweetheart. We love you more with each passing day, and we pray that God will continue to bless you with good health.


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