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I had to think really hard to figure out what’s new with Noah this month, and erm, to be completely honest, I can’t quite come up with very much.

Our little boy hasn’t grown physically AT ALL since the last PD visit. In fact, he lost weight, while his height and head circumference remained the same. I think his week-long fever after his MMRV vaccination caused him to lose a lot of weight, as his appetite was poorer than usual. It’s tough enough getting him to eat on a normal day, so feeding a sick and cranky baby was a real struggle.

Our PD reassured us that it’s okay to get him to eat by distracting him with books and toys, as long as we don’t give him the iPad or allow him to wander around as he eats. I don’t like the idea of having to entertain him in order to get him to eat, but needs must, I guess. A very kind mummy I got to know has sent me some recipes to try out, so we shall see if he prefers ‘angmoh’ food. He did have his first French fry when we had dinner at Grub on Saturday, and kept asking for more, so I think he really liked it!

He’s still not standing or walking on his own yet, though he’s more comfortable cruising on the sofa now. I’ve pasted some stickers on the sofa, and he’s been cruising to each ‘checkpoint’. I also make him cruise from one end to the other, by placing his Letterland flash cards on the sofa, and he loves going to get them for me. Noah also enjoys using his Ikea high chair as his walker, and pushes it up and down our living room slowly. I feel bad for my neighbours downstairs, but then again, they are the ones who sing Karaoke really loudly frequently, so maybe they can drown out the noise with their own. 😛

Using his high chair as a walker

Noah’s also super cheeky, and full of expressions. I love how he clutches his head when we say, “Oh no!” He also mimics his jumperoo’s elephant trumpeting, although his is a softer and shorter version of it.

Oh no!


He still asks for his flash cards and books, but I’ve noticed that he is a lot more distracted recently, and prone to crawling off in the middle of a book. He does enjoy those ‘lift the flap’ books quite a bit now, so we’ve read and re-read ‘Dear Zoo’ and ‘Where’s Baby’s Belly Button?’ more times than I’d like. He’s also into lifting up my or C’s shirt to look for our belly buttons, and seems very amused by them for some strange reason. I think it’s a phase all babies go through, as I remember my god-nephew being fascinated by belly buttons when he was younger too.

Cups and wheels intrigue him, and he can spend quite a bit of time just rolling a cup around on the floor. He loves touching the wheels of his walkers and stroller, and will push his bus up and down the floor as well. I’ve put away most of his toy balls, even though he loves playing with them, because he keeps biting chunks off them! We’ve had to dig bits of the balls out of his mouth on two separate occasions, so to be safe, we decided that he will only get to play with them when he’s older.



I’ve been sick twice this month, so I haven’t had the time or energy to do very much with him. He’s always so ‘busy’ crawling around, touching and pulling everything, and it’s really exhausting trying to keep up with him. I pray that God will bless all three of us with good health, so that we can spend quality time together.

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