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Things Noah Says / Does #29

Noah has been really into soccer these days, and takes every opportunity to kick the ball around. At the moment, he seems to be more keen to be a goalkeeper or defender, and it shows in the way he slides and dives around to get the ball.

The other day, he was playing soccer with his friend near the pool (they’ve played there once before, but with the two dads supervising them), and the ball rolled towards the pool. N chased after it, but the ball was moving way faster than him, so I yelled at him to stop. He obviously wasn’t listening to me, because what happened next was like a scene out of some comedy.

N slid to try and use his legs to hook the ball back, but the ball rolled out of his reach. I think the ground was a bit slippery, because the momentum just carried N in that sliding position all the way into the pool. He slid straight into the pool with his legs folded neatly like a mermaid’s, and there was a huge splash as he went it!

He quickly climbed out of the pool, soaked from head to toe, and laughed at the funny situation that he had gotten himself into. Thank goodness he’s able to swim, and he didn’t panic when he slid into the pool! He didn’t have the presence of mind to fish the ball out of the pool when he climbed out, but I guess I wouldn’t have too. At least he managed to climb out of the pool immediately!

I thought this was too funny not to record, and if you look carefully at the photo of him, you’ll see my parents in the background. They were at the other pavilion with the twins, but they didn’t see how he fell into the pool. We all had a good laugh at N, and the twins still talk about how “KorKor so funny, fall down in the swimming pool” whenever we walk past the pool.

All soaked after climbing out of the pool

His version of what happened

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