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Things Noah Says / Does #25

N has been a KorKor for slightly more than eight months, and even though he clearly adores the babies, I’m beginning to think that the novelty factor may be wearing off a little.

Conversation #1

N: Mummy, I’ve decided that I have enough brothers and sisters already. Me: Oh really? That’s good, because I don’t think you’re going to have any more siblings anyway. N: Ya, two brothers and two sisters. Me: Huh? What are you talking about? You only have one brother and one sister! N: Two brothers, me and Didi. Two sisters, Meimei and you. Me: I’m your mummy, not your sister. N: Mummy also can be sister, right? Me: No, cannot. N: Oooohhh… I didn’t know that. So one more sister? Me: Nope.

Conversation #2

N: Mummy, do you think Grandpa is going to have a baby soon? Me: Erm, why? N: His belly is so big! I think he’s going to have a baby, you know. Me: Hmmm… then do you think Daddy is going to have a baby too? N: I think… maybe Daddy is going to have two babies? Me: Haha. No, Grandpa and Daddy aren’t going to have babies. N: They’re just fat? Me: Hahahaha.

N and his siblings

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