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Things Noah Says / Does #23

We’re in the process of finding a new school for N here in Jakarta, so he’s been attending trial classes. Before each session, he will ask if I can stay with him, as he is afraid/shy, but thankfully, he usually gets distracted by the toys in the classroom, and is okay for me to leave.

The other day, I stayed for a while in one of his trial classes, as he was being unusually clingy, and I got to hear his contribution to Circle Time. The question posed to the kids was: What is one thing that you really, really want?

The first kid wanted a book about dinosaurs, the second one wanted an Android (!!!) that was like an iPhone, the third wanted a hamster AND a cat, and the fourth wanted diapers for her Baby Alive doll. I was really curious about what N would say he wanted, and for a moment, I was afraid he would say he wanted to go back to Singapore (he’s been saying that he misses his “Singapore school”).

T: So, N, what is one thing that you really, really want? N: A toy! T: What kind of toy? N: A toy aeroplane. T: Oh, do you want to be a pilot? N: Noooo… it’s a toy, right? It’s too small! Nobody can go inside! T: That’s true, but who’s going to fly the toy aeroplane? You, right? N: Nooo… my hand will fly it!

At this point, I didn’t know whether to laugh or hide, so I opted for the latter, and sneaked out of the class since he seemed to have settled in without any issues.

So far, we have visited three schools, and in the meantime, N attends weekly Little Kickers soccer sessions. He enjoys the sessions so much that when I asked him which of the three schools he liked best, he told me, “Little Kickers School”. I told him that wasn’t an option, but he insisted that he wants to attend “Little Kickers School”, or “the school with the biggest playground”. *rolls eyes*

Doing some work at home since we haven’t found him a school here yet

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