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Things Noah Says / Does #22

It seemed like any other normal day, when I brought Noah out to a nearby mall for lunch and a bit of shopping yesterday. In the end, it became a day that my almost four-year-old son showed me that he sometimes has more empathy and common sense than I do. Apart from being amused by him, I think I learnt a lesson or two from him, and that is quite a humbling experience.

I was trying to find a parking lot in a rather badly designed carpark, and getting rather cranky as I struggled to drive up yet another ramp. I’m not very good at driving and parking, despite having had a license for almost ten years, and I still cannot parallel park to save my life, so badly designed carparks annoy me quite a bit.

Me: I really don’t like this carpark. N: Why? That’s not a nice thing to say, mama. Me: But it’s so badly designed! N: The construction workers built it, you know. They will be sad if you say you don’t like it. Me: Erm, okay… That’s true.

After I finally managed to find a parking lot, we headed to Popular Bookstore to get a new Bible for Noah. I wanted to get him one with longer stories, since the ones he currently owns condense each story to a single page. I showed him a few different editions, and he picked the one that he liked best, and wanted to head to the cashier immediately. I, on the other hand, was super auntie, and spent some time examining the four copies of the same Bible there, trying to find a copy without a creased cover.

N: What are you doing, mama? Me: I’m looking for a nice copy of this Bible for you. N: They’re all the same, mama! Let’s go!

I was quite amused by his reaction, because he was so matter-of-fact about it, and I guess it really didn’t make any sense to him that I was trying to find a “nice copy”, when they all looked exactly the same to him.

Sometimes, he sounds so grown-up and sensible that I wonder if I’m really the parent here!

My cheeky little grown-up boy

Photo courtesy of my mummy friend F, who’s an aspiring photographer

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