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Things Noah Says / Does #21

Noah has taken to singing to the babies before he takes his nap or goes to bed at night. This involves him putting his hand on my belly, and singing loudly to it. He waits eagerly for a reaction from the babies, but more often than not, he gets disappointed because they don’t kick in response to his singing. Maybe they’re sick of “小兔子乖乖” like we are, but Noah refuses to sing a different song, so okay…

One afternoon, after his usual routine of singing to my belly and waiting for them to kick his hand, I think his disappointment got the better of him, and with his hand still on my belly, he said, “Meimei, can you kick korkor’s hand? I know you are shy, but COME ON!”

I was really tickled by what he said, and laughed, but apparently, he wasn’t done talking to his siblings yet. He leaned over to the other side of my belly, and yelled, “Didi! Didi!”

Hahaha. Unfortunately for him, there was no response. I was telling C that the poor babies are getting harassed by korkor even before they’re born! It’ll be really interesting to see how he interacts with them next time. 🙂

Giving the babies some love at 23 weeks

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