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Things Noah Says / Does #20

Most of you should have seen this list of 25 Ways to Ask Your Kids ‘So How Was School Today?’ Without Asking Them ‘So How Was School Today?’, as it’s been making the rounds on Facebook since it was first posted in 2014. It recently surfaced again, and I think we should try out some of these questions, because Noah hasn’t been very forthcoming about what goes on in school recently.

This is how our usual conversation goes:

Me/C: How was school today, Noah? Noah: Good! Me/C: Did you have fun? Noah: Yes! Me/C: Who did you play with? Noah: My friends. Sometimes I play by myself. Me/C: What are your friends’ names? Can you tell me one name? Noah: Erm… Somebody. Me/C: Can you please try to find out your friends’ names? At least one name, okay? Noah: Okay!

The next day

Noah: Mummy/Daddy! Today I asked my friend what was his name, you know. Me/C: Oh that’s great! So, what was his name? Noah: Erm… I can’t remember. I think it was… SOMETHING.

Another common conversation we have goes like this:

Me/C: What did you have for lunch today? Noah: Erm… porridge. No no, kway teow. No no, rice! Me/C: So you had rice? Noah: Yah. No. Macaroni. I don’t remember. I think there was corn. But there was Yakult! I like Yakult, you know?

Last night, C had the standard “what did you do in school today” conversation with Noah at bedtime, and got the same vague answers (except instead of “Somebody”, Noah said “Someone.”) and tried to follow up with a different question.

C: So what did your teacher teach you in school today? Noah: Erm… I don’t know. Nonsense, maybe?


I told him that I’m pretty sure his teacher wouldn’t be too happy if I told her what he said, and he cheekily said, “Nah, don’t tell her lah… Don’t be ridiculous!”

What are we going to do with this boy?!

The cheeky fella before going to school to “learn nonsense”

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