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Things Noah Says / Does #19

Noah can be really sweet, especially to me, and I thought I’d record this incident on the blog, because it really made me smile.

After dinner the other evening, C gave Noah a bowl of blueberries and strawberries, and he was happily munching on them when he came to the room to look for me.

He was down to his last three blueberries and when I asked if he could give me the one he was holding, he said, “No,” then used his other hand to pick up the remaining two, and stuffed both into my mouth instead, saying, “You can have two!”

And if that wasn’t sweet enough, he picked up the last strawberry, and gave it to me. When I offered to let him have half of it, he said, “No, it’s all for you.”

Then he kissed me, and brought the bowl to the kitchen without being asked. Awwww…

My little sweetheart

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