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Things Noah Says / Does #12 & #13

Noah is really chatty, and apart from driving us nuts with his “Why? Why? Why?” questions, he says the funniest things at times. I started this series some time back to record all these funny moments, even though they’re probably only funny to us, but I figured I’ll maintain this series until he’s old enough to tell me to stop embarrassing him. But then again, a mum’s job is to embarrass her kids, right?

#12: Noah the Suaku*

As I was driving one day…

Noah: Look, Mummy, look! Me: What is it, Noah? Mummy is driving, and can’t see what you’re pointing at. Noah: It’s an egg! There’s an egg over there. Me: Huh? Where? Why would there be an egg along the road? Noah: There! So many eggs! Me: Where? Is there a truck carrying eggs? Noah: Nooo… On the tree! Egg yolks!

Tree with “egg yolks”


Me: … That’s a coconut tree, Noah.

#13: Noah the Emotional Blackmailing Expert

At the River Safari (You can read about how we examined panda poop at the River Safari HERE)

Noah: (Running up to me) Mummy! Mummy! Daddy says we have to get to the gift shop, then he will buy me something! Me: What? Why? (Goes to C and asks him why he’s spoiling Noah) C: No, I said if he’s a good boy, I will consider buying him something when we get to the gift shop. Only if he’s a good boy!


C: Which toy do you want, Noah? You have to choose. Noah: (Holding on to three different soft toys) All, okay? C: NO. Only one. Noah: (Reluctantly puts one soft toy back) Leopard and Polar Bear, okay? Two? Can? C: No, I’m only buying you one toy. Noah: (Passes C the polar bear) This one. Me: Go put the leopard back, please. Noah: (Giving me his best puppy/Bambi eyes) Leopard is sad, Mummy. He wants to be my friend also. Me: Good try, but no. Only one toy. Noah: But Leopard wants to go home with Noah. He’s sad. I love Leopard also, you know. Me: Nope, you’ve already got the polar bear. C: (the softie) Next time we come to the zoo, Daddy will buy you another one if you’re good, okay? Me: *rolls eyes*

Noah with his Tiger and Polar Bear


*Derived from the Hokkien dialect, meaning country bumpkin.


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