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Things Noah Says / Does #11

Noah was running around the house the other day, while I was in the kitchen washing the dishes. Suddenly, he started calling for me, and this was the conversation that followed:

Noah: Mummy! Mummy! There’s an insect on the floor! Me: Where? Noah: On the floor. Over there. Me: Oh okay. Noah: Then I stepped on it, you know. Me: Oh no! How come? Noah: *demonstrating* I walk walk walk, then I step! Me: Then what happened? Noah: *matter-of-factly* Then it became rubbish.

This is probably one of those anecdotes that is funnier to me than it is to you, since I’m his mum and therefore biased, but you really should have seen his face when it happened. “Rubbish” to him is something that has to be thrown away, so I guess it just made sense to him that the insect became something that had to be thrown away after it died. I just thought it was hilarious that the poor insect was minding its own business, until Godzilla Noah stepped on it, and turned it into rubbish.

Godzilla Noah and the insect turned rubbish


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