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Things Noah Says / Does #10

Ever since Noah started school, he has become a walking jukebox: one that sings children’s songs only (but with the occasional pop song like “Shake it Off” and “Best Day of my Life”), and erm, with some inaccurate lyrics. I also suspect that he’s somewhat tone deaf, and probably doesn’t have a career as a singer.

C gets all the “credit” for Noah’s lack of musical talent, because even though I’m not a very good singer, I did serve as a back-up singer in my church many years ago, and I also sang part of my wedding vows, so hundreds of people have heard me sing, and didn’t throw rotten tomatoes at me, which should mean that I’m not that bad.

Anyway, since I started this blog to chronicle Noah’s growth, I thought I’d put up a post with a few of the songs that he’s been singing recently. I hope he doesn’t get upset with me when he’s older, and finds out that I uploaded all these videos of him!

His favourite Chinese song

These two are the only other Chinese songs he can sing at the moment

Open Shut Them

Say to the Lord I Love You

He can sing quite a few other songs, but these were the most coherent ones that I managed to capture on video. Also, I need to remember to take videos in landscape mode, rather than in portrait mode. Oops.

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