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Things Didi and Meimei Say / Do #9

Meimei was having a runny nose and couldn’t go to school with Didi today. Didi is usually the one who has separation anxiety, so I was quite worried that he would cry at drop-off, and reminded him that he could get a sticker for not crying in school. He then promised not to cry, because he wanted to collect enough stickers to get his Olaf.

Just a bit of background information on this: all three kids have reward charts, and get stickers for good behaviour. They then get small presents when they collect a certain number of stickers. I know some people don’t approve of this system, but it kinda works for us, so we’re sticking to it for now.

On the way to school, Didi told me a few times that he wanted Meimei to go to school with him. Each time he said that, I would agree and tell him that I wished she could go to school with him, but she had a runny nose, and therefore had to stay at home. I was half-prepared for him to cry when I dropped him off, but he very bravely said goodbye to me, before hugging and kissing me. I spied on him from the window after he went in, and saw him playing happily, which was really good.

After school, Didi was really happy to see me. As we walked to the car, he told me, “Mummy, I missed Meimei in school today. So I pretend. I pretend that XXX (his classmate) is Meimei, and I called him Meimei!”

I was quite amused, and asked, “You pretended that XXX was Meimei? And you called him Meimei? What did he say?”

“XXX didn’t say anything! He just laughed. So I call him Meimei.”

I thought it was so cute that he thought of pretending that his classmate was his sister! Thankfully, his classmate is really good-natured and didn’t seem to mind, especially since he’s a boy. Hopefully, Meimei will recover quickly, and go back to school with Didi really soon.

Didi has taken to whispering quite a bit these days, but I think it’s kinda cute seeing the two of them like this. What a special bond twins share!

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