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The Fabulous Baker Boy

The Fabulous Baker Boy is exactly that: fabulous. The service was impeccable, the mains were delicious, and the cakes, ah, the cakes were amazing. Don’t even think about sharing a slice of cake, because they are all so yummy that you would regret not having one all by yourself. I’m speaking from experience here!


Look at the cakes!


We visited The Fabulous Baker Boy for lunch on a Friday, so it wasn’t too crowded. However, I would advise you to call ahead just to check that they are open, and also to make reservations, just in case. Also, as most of the dining area is outdoors, make sure you dress comfortably. They’ve installed many fans outside, but our local weather is just too hot!

Cake-themed Decor




There are some places with good food but the service is so bad that you never want to go there again. Well, The Fabulous Baker Boy is the exact opposite of that. Everyone was so friendly and cheerful, which really enhanced our dining experience.

The Barista chatting with a customer (Keagan Kang!) on the left


We were greeted warmly by Felix, who brought us a high chair for the baby, made excellent cake recommendations, and made us feel so at ease. He even brought us some pumpkin soup on the house, while we were waiting for our mains to be served. Honestly, I didn’t even think they were taking very long, but Felix was very apologetic that we had to wait, and explained that “the water is boiling” for the pasta that C had ordered.

Pumpkin Soup


C ordered Ju’s Prawn Pappardelle, and when he gave me a bite of it while I was waiting for my own main course to arrive, I wished I had ordered it too. The sauce was creamy without being overwhelming, and you can taste the sweetness of the prawns in it.

Ju’s Prawn Pappardelle


My House Cottage Pie arrived shortly after, and it was a very good mix of minced beef, mashed potato, and cheese. Absolutely delicious! I read a review about it not having enough minced beef, but that was definitely not the case with mine, as I thought it was one of the most generous that I’ve ever had. The side salad that accompanied the pie had a delightful dressing, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of my meal.

House Cottage Pie


I wanted to get some truffle fries at first, but decided against it as I wanted to save space for the cakes. We got the Salted Caramel to share, and decided to takeaway the Triple Chocolate and Red Velvet.

Salted Caramel


Even though we were both very full from our mains, we finished the slice of cake in record time. It was so delightfully rich and moist, that had us both taking turns to exclaim, “Wah, this is really good!” We were tempted to get another slice but good sense prevailed and we left with our takeaway box instead.

Cakes to go! Triple Chocolate Cake


Red Velvet


The Red Velvet was unique in that it not only had creamed cheese icing, but it also had a layer of chocolate ganache on top. The inimitable baker clearly knew what he was doing, as it was the best Red Velvet cake we’ve ever had.

The Triple Chocolate cake was simply decadent, but because we had had the Salted Caramel and Red Velvet too, it paled in comparison as it didn’t seem as complex as the others.

Darn, now I feel like going there again. If you are looking for a place with good food, desserts, and service, do check out The Fabulous Baker Boy. Enjoy!

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