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Celebrating our First Month in our New Home!

Cake Delivery Singapore recently sent over a Mixed Size Build Your Own Cake for us to celebrate our first month in our new home, and the kids were so excited! The shape was a bit irregular because the cake slices were of two different sizes, but I really liked how we could choose different flavours. It’s so hard to please everyone usually: I like citrus flavours and chocolate in general, C likes cheesecake, N doesn’t like chocolate, Meimei loves chocolate, Didi can’t quite decide if he likes chocolate or not. See what I mean when I say we can’t please everyone when we order cakes?

Meimei picked the Red Velvet cake because of that little chocolate piece on top, and happily dug into her slice. She shared some with Didi but I didn’t manage to take any photos of them together because I was busy trying to keep them from dropping the cake on the floor. She fed me a bit of the cake and I liked how the cake was light and wasn’t too sweet. The chocolate flavour was just right, and the cream cheese frosting contrasted well with the fluffy cake.

N chose the Blueberry Cheesecake because he loves cheese, but after eating half of his slice, he said there was too much cheese. Hahaha. Personally, I think all the cheesecakes that we tried (strawberry, blueberry and Oreo) were really yummy, and I especially liked the Oreo cheesecake because it’s a good mix of Oreos and cheese.

The twins saw me having the Peanut Butter and Jam Cake, and couldn’t stop “trying” it too. “Mmmmm… so yummy, right? So yummy!” N didn’t like the thin layer of chocolate cream on top, but enjoyed the savoury-sweet layers of peanut butter and jam.

One of my godsisters popped by to check out our new place, so we shared some of our cake with her. She tried the Yuzu Citrus Osmanthus Cake and the Signature Carrot Cake, and we all agreed that the Yuzu cake was fantastic. It was great after lunch, because the citrus made the cake less “heavy” for us, and had a nice kick without being too sour.

Cake Delivery Singapore has a one-hour, same day delivery option, which I think is perfect for last minute celebrations. We preordered our cake two days beforehand, and were given a one-hour delivery time-slot, which I liked because I didn’t have to wait around for half a day to receive the cake.

Thanks for the sweet treat, Cake Delivery Singapore! It was such a lovely way to celebrate our first month in our new home.

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