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Taronga Zoo

Visiting the Taronga Zoo in Sydney was definitely one of the highlights of our short Sydney trip. We took the ferry to get there, and because we went on a Sunday, we only had to pay $2.50 per adult for unlimited travel by train, bus, ferry, and light rail, because of the Family Funday Sunday tickets

However, that also meant that we had to purchase the tickets to the zoo directly from the entrance of the zoo, which would have been fine, if the entrance were at the jetty, but noooo. We had to walk up the slope to get to the lower entrance, because we missed the shuttle bus, then walk to the cable car station, so that we could take the cable car up to the main entrance instead. We wanted to rent a stroller there, but were told that the strollers were only available for rental at the main entrance, and had to be returned there too, so we ended up not renting one, as it didn’t seem logical to have to go through the entire zoo twice, just so we could return the stroller.

The Taronga Zoo is one of the best zoos we’ve visited, and one of its highlights is definitely the gorgeous views at various points. The cable car ride up to the entrance was also very interesting, as we got an aerial view of some zoo exhibits, and Noah was particularly excited to spot the elephants from the cable car.

On the ferry to the zoo 

Miscellaneous (5 of 8)

Sydney (13 of 17)

Sydney (17 of 17)

The Sirius 


 View of the cable cars 

Taronga Zoo (9 of 13)

Sydney (14 of 17)

The view from the zoo

Sydney (15 of 17)

Taronga Zoo (11 of 13)

Some of the exhibits we saw 

Taronga Zoo (8 of 13)

Taronga Zoo (2 of 13)

Taronga Zoo (5 of 13)

Taronga Zoo (4 of 13)

Taronga Zoo (10 of 13)

Noah pretending to be one of the penguins 

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