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Stay Dry, Merry, and Active with Merries Walker Pants!


When Noah was a baby, we struggled to find the right diaper for him. He has extra sensitive skin, and kept getting diaper rash, no matter how regularly we changed his diapers. To make matters worse, he wouldn’t cry even if his diaper was full of pee or poop, so we often didn’t know that he had soiled himself, until we picked him up, and discovered the mess beneath.

I wish I were exaggerating, but the truth is that Noah poops a lot, and it often overflows out. In fact, there were two poops so massive that I HAD to blog about it (and also because it happened to C and not me). If you’re up for a good laugh, read S*** Happens and S*** Happens – 2.

You’d think that as he grows older, our diaper woes would disappear, but noooo… As he started walking and running, I realised that he would sometimes get a rash on his back, because all his perspiration would be trapped there under his diaper.

His kindergarten requires him to wear walker pants instead of tape diapers in school, so I got him some from the same brand that we use for his tape diapers. I assumed that they would be as effective, but somehow, they didn’t fit him well, and kept leaking. I wouldn’t be so upset if it were just pee that leaked out, but his poop has actually fallen out of the diapers before, on more than one occasion, which to me meant that the diaper just didn’t fit well. I tried two different sizes, but both leaked, which was really frustrating.

On top of that, he would develop diaper rash, yes, even at 2.5 years old. He absolutely refuses to be toilet-trained, and will insist that he didn’t poop even when he did, so I figured he just isn’t ready, and I don’t want to stress myself out over it. If he wants to wear diapers, so be it.

When I told my friends about the trouble I was having with his diapers, all of them suggested that I try the Merries Walker Pants on Noah, and we’ve been using them since then.

Merries Walker Pants


Number One!


It’s been more than half a year since we switched to Merries Walker Pants, and Noah really likes it! He asks for the “rabbit diaper” whenever I change him, and I think it must be because it is really soft. More importantly, he no longer gets a rash on his back, despite perspiring so much, thanks to the breathability of the Merries Walker Pants.

I must say that I’m impressed by how absorbent the Merries Walker Pants are, despite being rather thin. Who says a diaper has to be thick to be absorbent? (My friend once compared it to a sanitary napkin, saying it’s like using an ultra-thin one vs a maxi. Haha.) The inner side gathers are raised, preventing his pee and poop from leaking out, which is a huge relief for us.

See how thin they are?


Inner side gathers are raised


Noah is EXTREMELY active, even when he’s at home. He hardly ever walks from place to place, and usually runs around instead. Recently, he has even started scooting on his skate-scooter, or riding his balance bike around our flat! He loves jumping around, doing forward rolls, and basically behaves as though he’s an action star, which really drives me crazy keeps me on my toes.

All the non-stop action means that he’s almost constantly a sweaty mess, so it is essential that his diapers have exceptional breathability and absorbency, in order to minimize skin discomfort and irritation due to heat and moisture being trapped. Furthermore, the diaper should be soft, providing a comfortable fit that allows him freedom of movement (when he does all his stunts) without leaving red marks or abrasions on his body and thighs.

Backview of Noah in the Merries Walker Pants


Merries Walker Pants are specially designed with an all-round breathable sheet, to allow air to flow freely from every part of the diaper, releasing heat and moisture from pee and perspiration. The airy channels around the waist also allow heat and moisture to escape from the top as well, so that Noah can enjoy maximum dryness and comfort 24 hours a day.

The soft gathers around the waist allow the diaper to fit snugly, holding the diaper firmly in place while Noah moves freely around, yet doesn’t leave any red marks on him. In fact, Merries has been awarded a Good Design Award for its amazingly comfortable fit!

Soft gathers hold the diaper in place comfortably



Super stretchy!


The entire diaper is so soft, it transforms into a flexible ‘W’ shape at the crotch area, ensuring that no red marks or abrasions will surface, no matter how Noah contorts himself.

Ride a bike? Sure!


Do handstands? Sure!



Bounce around on a ball? Sure!



When C first changed Noah out of his walker pants, he asked me what the blue tape at the back of the diaper was for. When I showed him how to roll up the diaper, then tape it up with the blue tape, he was impressed by how handy it was. Me? I was just happy that I didn’t have to deal with poop accidentally falling out of the soiled diaper, since it was safely tucked away inside, and the tape prevented the diaper from unrolling.

Merries Walker Pants (Labelled clearly so you know where the front is)


Merries Walker Pants (Back)


The blue tape


Rolled and taped up safely


Eagle-eyed parents may have noticed that there are three TINY diagonal cuts on the exterior diaper surface in the crotch area. Don’t worry, these cuts do NOT affect the quality of the diaper, nor will leakage occur as a result of the cuts. What are they for then? You’d be surprised to learn that these three small cuts actually improve the diaper’s fit at the crotch, and provide greater flexibility for your active baby. Erm, by the way, if you’re thinking of making your own cuts on your baby’s diapers, please don’t. Extensive R&D is done by Merries to develop the most comfortable diapers, so leave the experiments to the experts, k?

Can you spot the three cuts?


Before we made the switch to Merries Walker Pants, I constantly had to discreetly pat his crotch to check if his diaper was full. Super weird, I know, but I really hated it when his diapers leaked, and trust me, it happened more often than you’d expect. With the colour-changing wetness indicator strips on the Merries Walker Pants, once the strips turn from yellow to dark green, I’d know that it’s time to change his diaper, without all the awkward patting. Sounds like a small detail, but to me, it’s the little things that show just how much thought has been put into designing the perfect diaper for our little ones.

The wetness indicator strips (Before)


The wetness indicator strips (After)


Good job, Merries!


Keen to let your toddler try the Merries Walker Pants? Get your free samples HERE! For more information on Merries, pleaes check out their website or Facebook Page.


Merries Japanese Dolls Redemption

From now till 31st August 2015, you can redeem a pair of Limited Edition Merries Japanese Bunnies with a purchase of at least $50 worth of Merries diapers. Submit a scanned copy of your receipt to http:// to redeem a pair. There are 2000 pairs to be redeemed! Terms and Conditions apply. Visit the Merries website for more details.

Check out the adorable Merries Japanese Bunnies!


Loving his new Merries Japanese Bunnies



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