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Simple Home-cooked Meals Part 1

Remember how one of my New Year’s resolutions was to start cooking more? Well, C decided to hijack that resolution from me, and cooked a few dinners for us immediately after I wrote that post, but I managed to cook a few times since then too. I admit that some meals were far from ideal, and we had to snack on chips and biscuits after dinner, but I guess I’ll just have to keep trying out new recipes until I become a better cook. 

So far, we’ve been doing the one-dish meals: fried noodles with lots of ingredients. Okay, only three or four: vegetables with mushrooms, eggs, and prawns, or vegetables with eggs, and an assorted mix of fishballs/fishcakes. I also prepare one or simple side dishes, such as my preserved turnip omelette, pan-fried teriyaki salmon, french beans with tau kwa, and/or tempura fish fillet (I bought this frozen, so I just had to pan-fry it.) I actually cooked fried rice and grilled chicken wings once, but the rice turned out really mushy and ugly-looking, while the chicken wings took ages to cook and weren’t very tasty, so I didn’t bother taking a photo of that meal.

Fried noodles 



Preserved turnip omelette 


Pan-fried teriyaki salmon with fried noodles 


French beans with (too hard) tau kwa


Tempura fish fillet 


Noah only eats a bit of the noodles when we cook, and when I say ‘a bit’, I mean four or five strands. He refuses to eat the ingredients or side dishes, so I still have to boil his plain pasta separately for him after we eat.

So far, my main challenge when it comes to cooking, is managing Noah at the same time. He loves to cling onto my legs as I cook, and tries to climb up onto me, which is very dangerous. He isn’t always this clingy, but somehow, when I’m cooking, he just has to make me carry him, and I’ve even had to hold him in one arm, while frying the vegetables with the other. Thus, I try to reduce my cooking time as much as possible, by buying pre-cut mushrooms, and vegetables that don’t require any or much preparation, such as baby spinach. I can’t prepare the ingredients or cook while he’s asleep, as he’s a pretty light sleeper, and will wake up if I make too much noise in the kitchen while he naps.

Anyway, I think it’s a pretty good start, considering how I only made french toast and luncheon meat with egg sandwiches before this, in this apartment. I miss cooking and baking in my own kitchen, where I have more kitchen utensils to play around with.


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