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Silly Things We Say / Do #45

I was going to classify this under Things Didi and Meimei Say / Do, but figured it fit better in this old category, since the entire incident happened mainly because of C.

#45.1: “No baby!” Part 1

Whenever the twins see us eating something, they’ll sidle up and ask hopefully, “No baby?” which basically means, “is this for babies to eat?” (We tell them, “Not for babies.” whenever we eat something that we don’t want them to eat.)

The other day, while we were eating the mango pudding which N made, the twins asked, “No baby?” I was going to give Didi a tiny spoonful of it, and just before the spoon reached his open mouth, C, who was holding Didi on his lap, suddenly yelled, “No baby!” Didi got a shock, and quickly shut his mouth. We all laughed and laughed at him (as all bad parents do), and C said, “Do it again, do it again!” I brought the spoon to Didi’s mouth again, and C shouted, “No baby!” before laughing like crazy at Didi’s expression.

Didi looked a bit like this

After a while, Didi looked like he was trying to decide if he should cry, so we hurriedly gave him some mango pudding, and all was well again in Didi’s world.

We then did the exact same thing to Meimei, who kept looking at C out of the corners of her eyes as she opened her mouth, as though she was waiting for him to say, “No baby!” When he did, she too, quickly shut her mouth, while we laughed at her. She finally got her spoonful of mango pudding as well, and didn’t seem to mind being told “No baby!” that evening.

N and the mango pudding


#45.2: “No baby!” Part 2

The next evening, I was seated on the sofa next to C when the twins decided that they wanted to be with Mummy. They both tried climbing up onto the sofa with us, but before Meimei could pull herself up, C suddenly said, “No baby!” To our surprise, she started crying really pitifully, and wouldn’t stop sobbing, even after I picked her up. She kept repeating, “Mummy… Mummy…” as she sobbed, so I brought her into the bedroom to nurse her.

As we sat on the bed together, I told her she had to stop crying, in order to drink milk. She tried really hard to compose herself, then burst into tears again, saying, “Daddy… no baby… Meimei… Mummy baby… milk…” and pointing in the direction of the door (because C was outside).

Me: Oh, Meimei is Mummy’s baby, and you want to drink milk, but Daddy said, “No baby!”, is it?

Meimei: *still sobbing* Yes… Meimei mummy baby…

She calmed down after a while, and managed to fall asleep after being nursed. I told C about it, and the next morning, before he left for work, he carried her and told her that she was Daddy’s baby. I wasn’t home when he did that, so he texted me to recount the incident, and to tell me, “I don’t think she was convinced.” HAHAHAHA.

C and his baby girl

Meimei being forced to kiss Daddy

*Photos of the twins courtesy of my talented friend, S*

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