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Silly Things We Say / Do #43

C works in Jakarta on weekdays, so when he gets home for the weekend, I usually try to let him spend more time with the children. He always says that the babies look different whenever he sees them, and since he doesn’t get to cuddle them much, I’m always more than happy to let him handle both the babies at the same time.

The other day, I put both the babies on him while he was in the bedroom with N, and went to get a drink of water from the kitchen. When I got back, Didi was fussing, so I took him from C, and brought him out into the living room to nurse him. A while later, C walked out of the bedroom carrying Meimei. I panicked and asked him, “Why are you carrying only one baby? Where’s the other baby? Did you leave him alone on the bed in the room?”

He looked at me as though I was mad.

“What? What? Oh wait, he’s here. I’m nursing him.”

HAHAHA. I think I need more sleep!

C with the babies, before I lost my mind

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