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Silly Things We Say / Do #4 & #5

Noah started solids recently and as his first food was rice cereal mixed with breast milk, I have to spend time expressing my milk just before I prepare the cereal. C was asked to entertain Noah during those few minutes and on the third day, the following conversation transpired.

C: Why are you pumping out your milk? Me: Erm, so that I can mix it with the rice cereal? C: (Unable to stop Noah from whining non-stop) Why don’t you just give it to him then put him on your boob? Me: Huh? What are you talking about? It’s a powder, you know. C: Yah, I know. Just feed him the powder, then give him milk, then more powder, then milk. Easier right? Me: *roll eyes*

For the record, C is much smarter than he sounds in this post. He just couldn’t handle the incessant whining. Like most dads, he loves playing with our baby, but when the baby starts fussing, it’s ‘over to mummy you go’. This is usually what happens whenever Noah starts whining when C is playing with him.

C: Hey, he wants milk! Me: Are you sure? I just fed him a while ago. How do you know he wants milk? C: He told me. Me: *roll eyes* Oh really? But he told me he wants to play with you. C: No, no. He didn’t. He only talks to me, not to you.

Please don’t think we are horrible parents, okay. It’s just that it can get quite exhausting when Noah whines endlessly and we can’t figure out what he wants. Parenthood is a steep learning curve!

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