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Silly Things We Say / Do #39 & #40

We were in Sydney for the weekend, and even though we had a lot of fun visiting the tourist attractions, we were concerned about Noah, who refused to eat much, didn’t take proper naps, and woke up earlier than usual in the mornings. 

While we were visiting the Taronga Zoo, Noah refused to eat his lunch, and insisted on being nursed. He then promptly fell asleep, and I passed him to C, so that I could get my lunch. When I got back to the table, this was what I saw:

Daddy’s version of ‘carrying’ the baby 


Apparently, Noah was “too heavy” for him to carry, and he needed to rest his arms on the table. After my lunch, C asked me if I could find a pillow for Noah’s head. I said ‘no’ and went to the toilet. When I got back, this was the sight that greeted me:

Very proud of himself for being able to lay Noah on the table without waking him up


Sigh. Needless to say, I picked Noah up and carried him in the Manduca instead. Funny how Noah isn’t “too heavy” for me to carry around all day around the zoo.

When we got back, we hoped that Noah would be able to go back to his usual sleeping pattern at night, but he woke up more times than usual that night. Every hour or two, Noah would start whining, and I got kicked in the face a couple of times as he tossed and turned in bed. Each time, I would pick him up and nurse him back to sleep. Usually, C is unaffected by the baby waking up, but that night, he claimed that he woke up each time Noah fussed, and that it ‘seemed non-stop’. At one point, this was what C suggested.

C: What’s wrong with him? Why is he waking up so many times tonight?

Me: I have no idea… *proceeds to nurse the baby*

C: Why don’t you try CUDDLING him instead of feeding him? Maybe he wants to be cuddled.

Me: *incredulous* CUDDLING? Why don’t YOU cuddle him instead? I just want to go back to sleep as quickly as possible, please.


Five seconds later, I hear C snoring away again, while I continued nursing Noah back to sleep.

PS. Yes, I know that the sleep-training fanatics will tell me that I should train Noah to fall asleep on his own etc, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to sleep-train him in our serviced apartment, where the walls are very thin, and we can easily overhear conversations as people walk along the corridor outside.


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