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Silly Things We Say / Do #32, #33, & #34

We still say and do plenty of silly things, even when we’re in Melbourne! ;P

We’ve been staying at our serviced apartment for a couple of days, and one evening, C had trouble finding the right button in the lift. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but erm, we’re on the first floor.

So many buttons!


Me: *watching C scan all the buttons on the panel in the lift* Can’t find the ‘one’ huh?

C: *ignores me as he presses the button*

Me: You know, if you were a bit more quick-witted, you would have said, ‘I already did, I married you.’ Geddit, geddit? Heh.

C: Please, my brain is used for better things than coming up with things like that, okay.


Noah has been really into pointing at various objects, and saying, “Uh!” while signing ‘Please’, which is basically my cue to name whatever object he’s pointing at. He particularly loves doing this when we come across birds, dogs, traffic lights, cars, trams, and lifts.

As we were walking back to our apartment, Noah was napping in the Manduca, so C and I were having a nice stroll along Yarra River when I spotted a seagull really near us.

Me: Look! Seagull!

C: Who are you telling? Me?

Me: Oh oops. I forgot he’s asleep. Haha.


As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, C is a good photographer, and he recently (finally) jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. While we sat along the banks of Yarra River, enjoying our Tim Tam gelato, C was busy taking a photo of our beautiful scenery, and posting it on Instagram. Then, he tried to link it to his Facebook account, and asked me to check if I could see the same photo on Facebook.

Me: Ya, it’s on Facebook too. I liked it already, okay?

C: No, no, you don’t have to like it for me. I also have friends, you know.

Me: Oooohhhh, you have “friends”, hao lian (show off) lah! I’ll blog about this, and tell people to follow you on Instagram, and like all your photos, okay?

C: No, no, no need!

For those of you with Instagram accounts, please follow me (@GrowingwiththeTans) and C(@whosyrfather). Thanks!

The pretty picture he took

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