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Silly Things We Say / Do #26

C just got back from a two-week work trip, and has, I suspect, gotten used to not being woken up by the baby. I think all parents with young children will tell you that there is absolutely no need for alarm clocks anymore!

Last night…

C: Oh I need to wake up at 9 tomorrow morning. Better set my alarm.

Me: Huh? Have you met your son?

C: *Still setting his alarm on his phone* What? Why can’t I set my alarm? I have to wake up on time, you know.

Me: You really think you can sleep till 9? He’s going to wake you up before that. No, wait. Never mind, go ahead and set your alarm. It will remind me to laugh at you when it goes off at 9.

C: *stubbornly sets his alarm*

This morning, at 8am…

Noah: *Sits up in bed and wakes me up*

Me: Wake daddy up, please.

Noah: *Turns around and starts patting C’s shoulder and face until he opens his eyes*

Me: See? What did I tell you?

C: *Pretends not to hear me, and continues playing with Noah*

At 9am, C’s alarm goes off, while he is still playing with Noah.

Me: Oh, oh! It’s your alarm! Time to wake up, dear. Hahahaha.

Our current alarm clock

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