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Silly Things We Say / Do #24

C came home safely on Friday night (Thank You, God!) from his business trip, and Noah, for some strange reason, wasn’t too keen to spend time with him. He clung to me and cried when C tried to carry him, which made C quite sad, I think.

I’ve been trying to convince C to bring us along on his trip to the US in September, so this was a great opportunity for me to ask him about it again.

Me: So how? Three days only and he’s like that. Still want to go to the US without us?

C: I think he will call me ‘uncle’ after the US trip. No more ‘papa’.

Me: Awww… He won’t. He loves you! He’s been saying ‘papa’ a lot. He won’t even say ‘mama’.

C: He thinks you are ‘papa’ lah. I’m probably ‘mama’ to him.

******* After a while, Noah was back to his normal self again, and I managed to get a photo of him ‘hugging’ C. He wasn’t actually sleeping, just that his eyes happened to close just as I took this photo. He sat up immediately after that when he saw me with my phone, so I couldn’t get another shot.

I love Daddy!


And since Daddy is the Chief Fun Officer (CFO), Noah ended up with his soft toy stuffed down the back of his romper, and his teether stuffed down the front, though you can’t see that. He seemed pretty content to sit around like that, biting his tag blanket. After some time, however, he decided to bite his own romper, to reach his teether. Sigh.

Comfy like that

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