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Silly Things We Say / Do #23

Noah is down with the flu, and the PD suggested that we rub some Vicks VapoRub on him. We went to get a bottle of the Vicks BabyRub instead, as I was worried that the original one would be too strong for Noah.

I was going to apply the BabyRub on Noah, but decided to just double-check with C if the PD said to apply it on Noah’s chest or neck.

Me: Hey, I should put it on his chest and on the soles of his feet right? Did the PD say on his neck too?

C: Huh? On his body or on his clothes?

Me: What? I’m asking if it should be on his chest or his neck.

C: No no, put on his body? I thought we were supposed to put it on his clothes?

Me: Are you serious? Of course it’s on his body! Why on earth would I put it on his clothes?

C: No, really! Put on his clothes. Haven’t you seen the footballers? They put it on their shirts what.

Me: … Does he look like a footballer to you? He’s a baby!

Sleeping the Bug Away

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