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Silly Things We Say / Do #20, #21 & #22

#20 & #21 occurred when C was changing Noah’s diapers.

C: Hey, how come the Desitin on his bum is gone?

Me: Huh?

C: There’s no Desitin on his bum! Where did it go?

Me: *stares at C in disbelief*

C: Oh, is it gone because he peed and it got washed away?

Me: *still speechless*

C: Orh-hor. You forgot to put Desitin just now, right?

Me: Wait, wait. Let me think of a sarcastic enough answer for you. *pause* Nope, sorry. I’m too tired to come up with something now.

C: Wah, his diaper is super full of pee.

Me: Yeah it’s usually very full in the morning. He’s been in it since last night you know.

C: I think it’s so full, it can’t absorb any more pee.

Me: Nonsense.

C: Really! His front was wet when I took his diaper off.

Me: That’s because he just peed, not because the diaper is too full.

C: Really? How do you know?

Me: *rolls eyes* I’m mummy. I know these things.


C was watching me change Noah’s diaper.

C: Wah, how did you get so fast at changing his diaper?

Me: You’re kidding, right? I change his diaper a lot more times than you do, you know. You want to do it instead? I think you need the practice.

C: No no, you go ahead. I’ll pass. You’re better at it anyway.

Me: That’s why you should do it! You must practise, then you’ll be good at it too.

C: No no, he wants you to do it. He told me.*

Me: No, he told me he wants YOU to change his diapers from now on.

C: No he didn’t. You heard wrongly.


*For the background story of how this started, you can read Silly Things We Say / Do #5.

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