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Silly Things We Say / Do #18

In one of my (many) silly moments, I picked the baby up in a forward-facing position with him facing C, and did this:


And then this.


And this again.


And I waited, puzzled. Then C asked, “Are you playing peekaboo with me?”

We both burst out laughing because that was exactly what I was doing! In my mind, I was playing peekaboo with the baby, and waiting for him to laugh. I was even wondering why he wasn’t laughing. The poor baby was, according to C, looking very confused throughout my crazy peekaboo attempt. In my defence, I wasn’t thinking straight, as I was probably sleep-deprived, and I’ve played way too much peekaboo in the recent few months that I go into ‘auto-peekaboo mode’ spontaneously. 😛

What on earth is mummy doing?

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