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Shoo, Flu!

After catching the flu bug from me and throwing up twice in one night, Noah still hasn’t quite recovered. He still has a runny nose, which appears a few times a day, and he has been refusing to eat. He’s been on a total breast milk diet for the past four days, and today, I decided to try giving him some solids again. I went with his favourite potato purée, mixed with some cabbage purée, but he refused to swallow even a spoonful of it. Whenever I managed to put a bit of it into his mouth, he’d push it out of his mouth immediately and start whining. Sigh.

Yesterday, we tried giving him a teething rusk, but after a few minutes of sucking on it, he decided that it was a waste of his time and threw it onto the floor. At 56 cents a stick, I was determined not to let him waste it like that, so I picked it up, blew on it to get rid of the invisible dirt, and gave it back to him again. C looked at me incredulously and asked, “You do know you’re giving him dirt, right?” My defence? Erm, the five second rule. *sheepish look*

In the end, I threw away the rusk (but not before I tried, and failed, to eat it myself) and decided that we’ll only give it to him when he starts teething, or when he has recovered fully. I’m a little worried that he isn’t getting enough nutrients at the moment, but forcing him to eat when he so clearly doesn’t want to, doesn’t make any sense.

Trying to eat the teething rusk


He’s also been quite cranky these days, most likely because he’s unwell, but boy, can he scream. It’s as though he has recently discovered his voice and tries to make himself heard by shouting at the top of his voice. We’ve tried looking for the volume control knob, but it seems to be missing. When we couldn’t take his whining anymore today, C suggested going out for dessert. We went to Wimbly Lu, at Jalan Riang, and he (Noah, not C) was pleased as punch to be out and about.

In an old-school high chair


I’m quite zonked out from trying to keep this little boy happy when he refuses to nap or even be nursed at times. 🙁 Please pray that God will heal him completely soon!

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