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Didi and Meimei Talk About… Bellamy’s Organic

Hi everyone! It’s us, Didi and Meimei again! We were very blessed to receive some goodies from Bellamy’s Organic, so Mummy said we had to tell everyone about what we got.

Mummy made us wait while she took this photo of what we got. She said it’s not a very nice photo because we were stressing her out, but we think she just needs better photography skills.

Yay, we can finally get our hands on the goodies! Excuse us while we examine what we got. Gotta inspect everything carefully before we sample them, right?

Didi: Okay, these are mine. I don’t know what they are, but this one is probably a drum, and the other two are shakers. I like the sounds they make!

Meimei: I like drums! Good thing they gave us two, or I would have to beat you up, erm I mean, persuade you to give it to me. Mummy always says we have to share, but I don’t know what that means. Does it mean hit each other until we get what we want? If it is, we’re definitely sharing all the time.

Didi: Mummy says I’m going to try this today! She says it’s milk, but doesn’t milk come from Mummy? I don’t drink Mummy’s milk anymore, because the ulcers I got in my mouth and throat the last time hurt so badly, I’m scared it will hurt if I drink her milk again. Mummy is very sad about it, and wrote a long post about it HERE.

Didi: This one won’t hurt my mouth and throat when I drink it? Really?

Didi: Hooray! That sounds great!

Didi: I can’t wait to try it. Gimme gimme gimme!

Didi: Oh I have to open it first? Okay, that makes sense. Silly me. Hmmm… I don’t know how to open it! Aren’t adults supposed to do these things anyway?

Didi: Excuse me, can I get some help over here please? Can you take my order?

Didi: Helloooooooooo! I know you can see me! One cup of milk, please!

Didi: What took you so long? And why are you using this cup? This is for water, isn’t it? I ordered milk, not water.

Didi: Okay, I’ll try it. Nope, this cup is for water. I want milk in a different cup please.

Didi: Watch this video to see if I enjoyed the milk when it’s served in a different cup! Heehee.

Didi and Meimei: What’s this? Why are we seated on our highchairs?

Didi: I think it’s a snack. Gimme gimme gimme.

Meimei: Are you sure? It doesn’t look edible…

Didi and Meimei: Mummy keeps waving it in front of us! I think she wants to see who can get it first.

Didi: It looks like pear, let’s see if it tastes like pear.

Meimei: No, it looks like apple! Apples have red skin, not pears.

Didi: Mine had green skin! Did she give us different snacks?

Meimei: There’s pear too? Ooooh maybe she’ll give me one to try if I finish mine quickly.

Didi: I didn’t know apples and pears came in packages. And these taste a bit different from the ones that Mummy usually gives us.

Meimei: You’re right! These are… drier? But this apple tastes the same I think, just that the texture is a bit different. Good thing I’ve got so many teeth and can munch on this easily.

Meimei: Let me look for the pear.

Didi: I’m done with my apple! Can you give me more please?

Meimei: Hang on, let me try to open this package… it’s kinda tricky. Mummy says it’s resealable, but what’s the point, if I can’t even open it?

Didi: Let me try.

Meimei: Nope, it’s mine now.

Didi: Wahhhhhhhh… Mummy! Meimei won’t share!

Meimei: Fine, fine. You can have one too. Happy now?

Didi: Mmmmm… apple…

Mummy’s note: Bellamy’s Organic toddler milk drink is the only milk apart from breast milk that Didi has been willing to drink. He still doesn’t drink it very regularly, and only asks for it when he feels like it, but at least he doesn’t reject it outright.

******* Disclaimer: Didi and Meimei were given the Bellamy’s Organic products in the first photo for the purpose of this post. All photos and opinions are, as always, our own.

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