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Sand! Sand!

Noah has never been a fan of sand, and when we brought him to the beaches in Australia previously, he never quite dared to walk on the sand or to even touch it with his hands. I would carry him whenever he asked me to, but C always told me to encourage him to walk on the sand instead. The sea breezes there were really cold, so I preferred not to let Noah spend too much time on the beach there anyway, and didn’t push him to play with the sand there.

When we got back to Singapore, I noticed that Noah really disliked the sand, so when Adora of The Gingerbread Mum invited us for a play date at Tiong Bahru Park, I thought it would be a good way to introduce Noah to a little (okay, a lot of) sand play.

He freaked out when he saw the sand, and refused to even step onto the sand initially, whining endlessly, and exclaiming in horror, “SAND! SAND! NO! NO!” Thankfully, his play dates, Calla and Z, were both very comfortable with sand, and he finally plucked up the courage to play with them in the sand. Not bad for his first try!

Looking with disdain at the sand 


He wasn’t pleased that the car was on the sand!


The horse was on the sand too…


I had to carry him over to the swings, as he refused to step on the sand initially


They look so tiny, don’t they?


On the merry-go-round with his two new friends


Finally decided to join them in playing with the sand (because he didn’t really have to touch it)







Freaking out because I was putting sand on his feet



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