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Review: Lots of Joy with Tollyjoy

Tollyjoy is a brand that needs no introduction, really. It’s been around ever since I can remember, and no wonder, because it was founded in Singapore in 1971. That’s over four decades of designing and manufacturing baby products!

Even though Noah isn’t a baby anymore, I still use a whole range of baby products on him. Thus, I was thrilled to receive a hamper of various Tollyjoy products for this review.

Thank you, Tollyjoy!




Noah was excited to see some familiar items in the hamper, but he was really interested in the Tollyjoy Toiletries Pack, and insisted on carrying it immediately. He then asked me to open it up, so that he could play with the various bottles inside.

His new bag


Using the bottles as blocks 


The bottles of baby bath, baby lotion, and 2 in 1 hair and body wash, are all 100ml each, while the baby powder is 80g. They come in a clear waterproof bag, which can be easily packed into your hand-carry luggage. Personally, we prefer to bring our own toiletries for Noah when we travel, because we don’t know if Noah is sensitive or allergic to the toiletries provided by the hotels. Babies and young children have more delicate skin anyway, and it’s always better to be safe, rather than risk ruining the holiday, should they be allergic to the toiletries, and end up with rashes.

Toiletries Travel Pack 


We’ve tried quite a few different types of 2 in 1 hair and body wash before, and one thing I noticed with the Tollyjoy one, is that Noah doesn’t protest as much when the foam gets into his eyes. He usually dislikes getting his hair washed, but doesn’t seem to really mind it when I use the Tollyjoy one on him. I also find it relatively easy to wash the soap off his hair and body, which makes Noah happier, because he doesn’t have to be sprayed with the water a lot, and can play in the bathroom more.

Bath time! 


We no longer use a bathtub with Noah, but I tried using the Tollyjoy baby bath on him, and liked the smell of it. There are also quite a bit of bubbles formed, and he had a lot of fun stomping on them.

The Tollyjoy baby lotion is also mildly scented, and doesn’t make Noah’s skin sticky, which is especially important to me in this heat. A travel-sized baby lotion bottle is definitely handy, and I learnt that the hard way, when we went to Australia, and found that the air was way too dry for Noah’s skin. The poor boy was constantly scratching, and I felt horrible for not bringing some baby lotion along.

Before we received this hamper, I had honestly never heard of liquid talc before. We were told in our prenatal classes that we shouldn’t use talc on newborns, because of all the dust, so we steered clear of it. I admit that I was pretty sceptical when I saw the tube of liquid talc, but now, I think I even prefer it to the baby lotion. It looks and feels just like a moisturizer, is dust-free, and a little dollop of it goes a long way. It comes in a 100ml tube, so you can also carry it in your hand luggage.

Liquid talc



Liquid talc vs Baby lotion


One essential item in every mother’s handbag and diaper bag is baby wipes. I use them for practically everything, not just wiping poop off Noah’s bum. Tollyjoy’s baby wipes are alcohol and paraben free, have a pH of 5.5, and enriched with both vitamin E and aloe vera extracts, making them suitable for a baby’s delicate skin.

I was surprised to see that Tollyjoy has a dispenser box for the large packs of baby wipes, and found it quite handy. The box is easily opened with a push of a button, and I like that the box prevents the sticky flap of the pack from falling back down, and covering the opening while I’m trying to use the wet wipes. It’s so much easier this way!

Baby wipes dispenser



The wipes can be easily pulled out of the dispenser


The Tollyjoy travel-sized baby wipes come in a standard pack of 30 sheets, and fits comfortably in both my handbag for short trips, and my diaper bag for longer ones. I like that the wipes aren’t too wet, which means they don’t stick together, and are relatively easy to pull out from the packet with one hand. Trust me, you need to be able to do that, because your other hand will be busy trying to keep your baby’s legs away from the poop.

Travel-sized Baby Wipes


Before Noah was born, I did a lot of research on the different types of baby products I would need, and two Tollyjoy products caught my eye. As an extremely inexperienced mummy-to-be, I had no clue that babies’ laundry required a different detergent, nor did I know that their accessories were to be washed with a specially formulated detergent.

Both the Tollyjoy Baby Laundry Detergent and the Tollyjoy Antibacterial Baby Accessories and Vegetable Liquid Cleanser are very popular with parents, and have won numerous awards. Both are mildly scented, and made specifically for use with baby clothes and accessories, so you can rest assured that they are safe for even newborns. We’ve been using them in our home even before Noah was born, as we pre-washed his clothes and accessories, in preparation for his arrival.

Tollyjoy Baby Laundry Detergent


It can be used with both the front-loading and top-loading washing machines


I like that it’s not too thick and gooey


Tollyjoy Antibacterial Baby Accessories and Vegetable Liquid Cleanser



The last item in the hamper is the baby training cup. I like that it is easy to wash, as there are four main components, all of which are easily taken apart. Even though Noah has been able to drink with a straw for quite some time already, he seems to really like this cup. Perhaps it’s because it’s new, but he has been requesting for this cup daily, and drinks more water with it. I’m even contemplating giving him fresh milk in this cup instead, since he likes it so much.

Tollyjoy Baby Training Cup


Noah and his new cup


A lot of care has clearly gone into the designing and manufacturing of these Tollyjoy products, and it’s nice to know that we are supporting a local company when we use Tollyjoy products.

This is a sponsored review, and we received the above-mentioned Tollyjoy items for review. All photos and opinions are my own. 


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