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Review and Discount Code: StickerKid Name Stickers

When Noah started school this year, we had to label some of his belongings, but I struggled to find shoe labels. I figured that the chances of him getting his shoes mixed up weren’t very high, so I took a chance, and didn’t label them. One day, he came home wearing someone else’s socks, and until today, I have no idea if the shoes were his or his friend’s, because there was no way to tell the difference. How do I know that the socks weren’t his? Well, Noah himself made the discovery, when he was removing the socks. “Ey? How come my socks suddenly have words on them?” Hahaha.

When StickerKid approached me to do this review, I was pleased to see that there were shoe stickers included in the Discover StickerKid set that they were giving us.

The ‘Discover StickerKid’ set

StickerKid 1

Customising the stickers was very straightforward: choose the background colour for your stickers, add the text, select the font and size, and you’re done! I added Noah’s Chinese name, by typing it in Google Translate first, then copying and pasting it into the text box. Easy peasy.

I made the mistake of asking Noah to select the logo for his shoe stickers, and Mr Indecisive (I’m pretty sure he got that from me) took ages to decide which logo he wanted. There are 18 different categories, and even though I narrowed it down to just the Vehicles for him, there were 35 different vehicles in that category, so you can imagine how long he spent, exclaiming over each and every one of them. If you’ve got an indecisive kid like mine, I suggest you choose the logo on his/her behalf. It will make your life a lot easier. Trust me.

Customise your stickers

StickerKid 2

The stickers took slightly over a week to arrive, and Noah couldn’t wait to start using them. I gave him a new water-bottle to label, since we were going on a holiday, and I didn’t want to lug his usual heavy water-bottle around.

The Small stickers and Shoe Stickers


Peeling out a name label


Pleased with his new bottle and name label


I decided not to put the shoe stickers in both sides of his shoes and sandals, but instead, labelled only the right ones, to help him differentiate the left shoe/sandal from the right one. He used to keep getting his shoes and sandals mixed up, and we’ve wasted a LOT of time getting him to remove his shoes/sandals and switch them, but now, with the new shoe stickers, he doesn’t make that mistake anymore. Phew!

Shoe stickers pasted!



Checking to see if there’s a sticker on his sandal


Putting his sandal on the correct foot


Noah’s school also requires him to bring his own towel when they have water play, so I used the iron-on clothing sticker for that. Ours is supposed to be removable, so I was worried that it would fall off after going through the washing machine and dryer. Thankfully, it didn’t, and still looks as good as new after a few washes.

Clothing stickers and instructions


Noah’s labelled towel


We’ve been using the stickers for a few weeks now, and I’m happy with the quality, as they haven’t faded or peeled off. I like the small stickers because they can be used on smaller and thinner objects, such as pencils, which I think I’ll have to label, when Noah starts bringing his own stationery to school.

Name stickers are very useful for school-going children in particular, so that they can learn to take responsibility for their own belongings. If you haven’t gotten some for your child, do check out the StickerKid website to look at the many different types of name stickers you can get. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to suit your needs!


StickerKid is giving our readers a 10% discount off any of the StickerKid products! Just key in “SG10STICKERKI7_D9” at checkout to enjoy the discount. This discount code is valid from 2nd November 2015 to 31st December 2015, just in time for Christmas (I think they’ll make very practical gifts!) and back-to-school preparations.

Happy shopping!

*Disclaimer: We received a pack of 94 stickers (Discover StickerKid) for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All photos and opinions are, as usual, our own.


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