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Product Review and Contest: Aquafresh for Kids

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Like many parents, I’ve fretted over Noah’s teeth even before they appeared. I religiously wiped his gums when he was an infant, and upgraded to a finger toothbrush when his tiny teeth made their appearance. My greatest fear is that he will develop cavities, because I still nurse him to sleep, and because I cannot imagine having to hold him still for dental treatments.

As a child, I wasn’t very fond of brushing my teeth regularly, but I do remember being more diligent about it whenever my mum bought the “colourful toothpaste”, aka Aquafresh. I was fascinated by the three stripes, and wondered how they stuck together, and never seemed to get mixed up. (Don’t ask me why I thought about such things. Clearly, I used my brain for frivolous questions like these, rather than important ones, like erm, the meaning of life.)

Thankfully, Noah is a lot more cooperative about brushing his teeth than I was. In fact, he frequently asks to brush his teeth by himself, and refuses to stop when I tell him to!

Recently, Aquafresh launched a brand new Kids range, catering to the oral care needs of children of different age groups. Their very popular First Teeth baby toothpaste has undergone a makeover, and has a new look. Don’t worry though, it is still the same great product that parents have trusted for years, and is now back on shelves, after being out of stock a while ago. Aquafresh has also added the new Aquafresh Little Teeth and Aquafresh My Big Teeth products. These are for older children from 3-5 years and 6+ years respectively, and both ranges have the latest improved formulation with sugar acid protection to help children’s teeth to grow healthy and strong.

First Teeth Baby Toothpaste (Old Look)


First Teeth Baby Toothpaste (New Look)


I know what you’re thinking. Do babies really need to use toothpaste? Is it even safe for them to be using toothpaste, since they don’t know how to spit it out?

Well, your child’s milk teeth hold the spaces for their permanent teeth that are waiting in the gums. The thinner enamel on first teeth makes them more vulnerable to decay, and if proper care isn’t taken, the permanent teeth may not be healthy and strong when they emerge.

Aquafresh First Teeth baby toothpaste (3 – 24 months old) and Milk Teeth toothbrush (0 – 2 years old) are specially designed by dental experts to gently care for children’s first teeth. Aquafresh First Teeth baby toothpaste provides gentle cleaning, with no abrasives, artificial colours, or flavours. Most importantly, it is fluoride-free, which means it is safe to swallow, when used as directed.

Aquafresh First Teeth baby toothpaste and Milk Teeth toothbrushes



Noah really likes the natural apple-banana flavour of the Aquafresh First Teeth baby toothpaste, and keeps asking me for more of it whenever he brushes his teeth. (Actually, Noah should be using the Little Teeth range of products because he is almost 3 years old, but he still doesn’t know how to spit out the toothpaste properly, so I haven’t upgraded him yet.)

He loves brushing his teeth!




The Little Teeth range of products is suitable for children aged between 3 to 5 years old, as the Little Teeth toothpaste contains fluoride, which can better protect their teeth. I think the Little Teeth toothbrushes are really cute, with specially designed covers for the bristles!

Little Teeth Products


Children aged 6 and above usually start losing their milk teeth, and their adult teeth will begin emerging around the same time. Their new adult teeth may look strong, but the enamel on these new teeth is actually more vulnerable to decay for several years. Having a mix of both milk and adult teeth can also create awkward gaps that are difficult to clean, and are “plaque traps”.

The Aquafresh My Big Teeth toothpaste has a foaming action that helps it get around the teeth, whilst actively targeting softer enamel, to keep it strong.

My Big Teeth Products


All products are available at leading supermarkets and pharmacy outlets.


For children who aren’t keen to brush their teeth, Aquafresh has come up with a free Apple app, called Aquafresh Brush Time, to encourage them to brush their teeth for two minutes (the recommended brushing time by the British Dental Health Foundation). Check out the adorable Aquafresh Nurdles!

Aquafresh Brush Time

Aquafresh Brush Time 1

Aquafresh Brush Time 2


Want to win a year’s supply of Aquafresh Kids products? Hashtag #AquafreshKidsSG with a video/photo of your child brushing his/her teeth with ANY Aquafresh Kids products on your personal Facebook OR Instagram page.

10 winners with the most number of likes will win 12 sets of Aquafresh Kids products, based on the child’s age at the point of the contest.

Closing date: 30th April 2015.

Aquafresh Contest


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