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Playdate #20: Christmas Party!

With most of the kids in our playgroup going to N1 next year, or rather, next month, we held our last playdate last week, celebrating their “graduation” with a Christmas party. We were joined by two other little girls from our other group, and the children all had a lot of fun playing together that day. They had no clue that it was the last time that they would be gathering for our playdates, but the mums sure did, and we were all feeling rather sentimental that day. 




Mums at work


We cut our usual programme short, and only had story time, craft, and snacks, since it was supposed to be a party. Mummy L brought along a gorgeous Nativity scene that really made the Nativity Story come to life!

Story time



The Nativity Scene



The children then worked on their angel craft, and Noah was quite pleased with the ones he made.

Showing off his angels



The kids with their angels


We had another round of snacks (the first round was before we even started), and the mums enjoyed the pretty Hello Kitty cake baked by Mummy L.

Hello Kitty cake!


Snack time


Mummy J taped sheets of construction paper on the floor, as “chairs” for the Musical Chairs. The mums had a good time laughing at the children, because they all seemed rather confused about what they had to do. Noah decided to eliminate himself by running away after a while, and the eventual winner, E, was really sweet and tried to share her “chair” with him at the end. She really loves running around with him, and they always have a lot of fun together.

Musical “chairs”



I think the kids enjoyed the free play most, as they could play with all the balloons!

Fun with balloons



Mummy C prepared graduation certificates for the children, and I think they were all thrilled to see their photos on the certificates.

The “graduands”



We had a gift exchange after that, and taught the children how to give and receive the gifts.

Noah giving Faith her gift


Receiving his gift


The mums took a group photo with our little ones, and we ended our playdate / Christmas party with the Goodbye song. I felt so sad singing it, and almost teared when we got to the line, “Goodbye my dear friends”. Sob.

Last group photo


I am so grateful for this group of mums, and I’m going to miss our weekly playdates so much! I thank God for leading us to this group, and pray that He will watch over all of us.

PS. In case you’re wondering why many of the photos look nicer than usual, it’s because they were taken by Mummy T, and not me! I love this photo she took of us.

My favourite shot



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